Visual Journal

DSC01200 DSC01336 PICT2188 2 PICT2253 IMG_1769 PICT2398 PICT2333 PICT2350 DSC00878 DSC01563 DSC02156 PICT2063 PICT2075 PICT2311 PICT2392 SOS Design Forum pod elevation4169 PICT2191 3 PICT2461 PICT2462Mapping UnmappingMapping unmapping

ShopBot CNC Router in action cutting holes into Beech cabinet top for furniture1. An exploration of the processes of CAD technology v’s the handcrafted and the pro’s and con’s therein

Welcome to visual journal gallery.

Visit this curated space as and when you feel.

It is the very place whereby you can watch this journey unfold with a spectral array of delights .

From design and make projects to visual inspirations and metaphors even glimpses behind the scenes, there will be something for everyone to engage with young and old small or big.

If at any stage you feel compelled to query, hesitate not, I will look forward to it.



Heating exchange duct vents.


Screen Prep



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