Seminal Texts and Inspirations

Seminal Texts.

The Shock of the New, Robert Hughes. (Trouble in Utopia).

Theodore Adorno, Between Utopia and Dystopia. Minima Moralia. Dialectic of Enlightenment.

The Genius of Design documentary series charting the war and post war years.

The History of modern Design. David Raizman.

The Idler: Utopia Issue: Tom Hodgkinson.

Design. Anne Bony. Morris, Art Nouveau, Various.

Wabi Sabi The Japanese Art of Impermanence. Zen Buddhism. Design Principles of Wabi Sabi, Wabi Sabi in the Art of Zen.

Design for Society. Nigel Whiteley. Consumer led Design, Responsible Design and Ethical Consuming, The Way Forward.

News From Nowhere: William Morris may well provide key arguments on utopian ideals..

Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy. Eric Berne: Social Intercourse, Analysis of Transactions, Common Types of Transactions.

Walter Benjamin: Art in the Age of Mechanical reproduction.

The Power of Making: V&A/ Crafts Council .

Key and inspiring txts- Wikipedia: Nihilism, Absurdism.

Signs Symbols and Ornament, Rene Smeets: Old and New meanings of Symbols, General Symbols Meaning and Significance.

Shop Class and Soul Craft: An enquiry into the value of work: MB Crawford (Penguin 2009).

Jacques Lacan, The Mirror Stage, Wikipedia.

Anish Kapoor Making Emptiness essay (Art in Asia) file:///Users/user/Desktop/Anish%20Kapoor%20%20Making%20Emptiness.html

Utopian Socialism: Wikipedia

Aesthetics and Morals: David Hume: Wikipedia.

Phonomenolgy: Wikipedia.

Etymology: Wikipedia.

Man’s Search for Meaning. Victor Frankle.

Trickster Makes This World

Social Acupuncture Darren O’Donnell.

Utopic Curating/ Utopia and Contemporary Art: Arken Museum/ Publishing.

Utopias: Richard Noble.

Utopia Limited. The Sixties and the Emergence of the Post Modern. Marianne Dekoven.   The Prison of your Mind.

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