Demystification of Displacement as Placement.

..Further notes on from Out of Existence.


‘Words are trains for moving past that which has no name’ Paddy McAloon.


..Useful bypasses to mindfulness. Stillness. The void.

Ou Topos.

The place where things can begin again, or begin outright.

…To be displaced by mere language and it’s limitations, why for. To be displaced ultimately by ourselves, as we crash on course to our delusional residence, a necessary negative. How so.

A catalyst. A purposeful playground promising pretense in positive sense, future tense.


After all, there is no doubt until there is doubt and naught but a problem only thinking making that so.



Notes on craft’s relation to these important facts of life:

Problem, as temporal reality, as vital necessary life affirmation. Beckoning resolve, innovation. De-sign.

With impetus comes momentum through trial and tribulation, more importantly, modification in modes of existence. What works for US, as individuals.

Displacement, as instigator, as teacher and locator.

As with process, within crafting.

*Discipline/ Focus.

*Agility of mind.



*Concentration/ Meditation.

*Play/ Invention.

*Movement/ momentum; Lubricant in universality. Especially true within 3D crafting, the challenges of material manipulation and conception, form and structure, prompting holistic focus, experimentation, a certain visual philosophy. Inevitably breaking chains yet creating additional neural connections and greater elasticity in critical thinking.


*Words; Akin to Artists materials. Enabling sculpture of form, texture, context, vital tonal reflection, bringing the object into or out of existence.


In relation to all of the above, what then of mistakes..

Having particular positive interest in the subject matters held within the notions of mistakes, curiosity lead me to engage in a talk on the subject. – Speaker not registered ( apologies ).

The message was very well presented however, and clear. The talks topic had caught my attention for particular reasons, as stated above, yet more so as it had been labelled in a way akin to my line of thinking, regards The New Utopic Dictionary I am slowly developing based upon word play, modification and binaries.

The title included a certain play on the word which I found simple, obvious, effective and essential, by way of the very necessity of the art of playing with language and words.

When words are merely a vehicle and a mode of some form (but not every form) of transformation/ transportation, then its ok, healthy even, to switch, alter or upgrade the car now and then, to suit our wishes.

What is it I am alluding to?…

Miss – Takes:

Effective right off the button? Read on…

The speaker immersed the audience in an engaging set of circumstances surrounding the idea as to whether there may be a gift within every mistake, to be found, sought after.

That if there was NO OBSTACLE then there was NO MOVEMENT which may equal a sense of navigation.

Miss Takes offer opportunity to Re Take, to modify with hindsight of experience. Growth. (Spiritual). Analysis, identification of self, of other and of environment.

Acceptance of negative aspects equaling an opening up of renewed energy and vitality.

Flexibility being key. The practice of building resilience, as life changes around and within us.

Analyzing so called negative material in such a way, being open to every problem having a direct connection to a positive, as it does, is a habit healthy in every measure, honing the essential life skill of critical thinking.

The analytical problem solving – solution seeking mentality of the Artist/ Designer equals a versatile flexible mind and an optimistic spirit – open and charged with energy and vitality. The power of such mindful states that can be learned throughout any action of critical or experimental thinking and processing can prove invaluable to life.

Be you Philosopher, Teacher, Artist or Mother. The range of basic creative skills are akin, no matter how they may be applied. This essential range of skills, some of which are noted above, contained within and at the very heart of what it means to be human, is the very basis of creativity and a key part of what it means to live.

Within artistic process, material experimentation can lead to a lack of discrimination from one medium to the next. A realisation chance encounters and positive results are to be found in any direction, if the director is at play and open to suggestion. Material processing skills can thus translate into a vast array of daily life routines be that in the conversation we make or the ways in which we walk.


Bringing ourselves closer to our own existence… Out through the in door.. Displacement as (linguistically programmed paradox ).


Further contextual examples within the Arts, Exhibitions sector:


Dr. Melanie Miller:

“We live in an uncertain world. The only certainty now seems to be uncertainty. Life is full of disruption on personal, political, local and global scales. Whilst the effects of disruption can be problematic, disruption can have a positive outcome: it can force change, it can lead to greater understanding as well as previously un-thought of opportunities.”  Link and further testament to a growing trend in art forms relating myriad themes of order in chaos.


Re defining place, as any place. A sense of nowness/ wonder and amazement. PLAY AND INVENTION, personal utopias.

A philosophy in taking the mind for a walk…

Philosophy as art, art as philosophy, one in the same, cognitive versatility, physical dexterity. Metaphysical flexibility.


Philosophy as therapy can serve to individualize one’s life, equally, art can serve to add tangible context with resultant fresh and alternative perspectives. Activating autonomy, assisting in honing personal unique identity, core values, meaning, spirit, etc.


Academia’s take, additional insights;


And for now, The Case for Movement, placement in displacement –

Waking as Art;



To follow:

Placement – Re-Imagining Reality & The Power of Craft.









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Out of Existence: How to disappear successfully.

.. Contemplating, one particular future of the human spirit…. Place and displacement, in a nutshell. ?.

…Is displacement where it’s at and what is it exactly that we count as place?

Taking a brief look in…



Dictionary result for displacement

the action of moving something from its place or position.
“vertical displacement of the shoreline”
  • the removal of someone or something by someone or something else which takes their place.
    “males may be able to resist displacement by other males”
  • the enforced departure of people from their homes, typically because of war, persecution, or natural disaster.
    “the displacement of farmers by guerrilla activity”
  • the amount by which a thing is moved from a position.
    “a displacement of 6.8 metres along the San Andreas fault”


So what exactly is the selling point here, we might ask. Especially as, generally speaking, the often time association of this word is a negative, a subtraction of sorts, and a dis, rooted in a static sense of ownership.

A material, or, existential reference point. A numerical scale appertaining to the charting of literary and social constructs, perhaps.

What does it actually mean to dis placement and what use do we have in misrepresentation.

With a snap glimpse to possible takes may we consider;

The denial of possibility.

Dislocation, self automated distraction from creative and expansive opportunity, empowerment, mindfulness.

Considering binaries.


Continuing consideration, with the possibility of being anti placement, pro placement even. What might this entail and what might result, if we were to dis location….


A handful of Arts related example issues, pro’s and con’s with DIY ethic and absolute key points therein:



Further musings…. Be careful what you don’t wish for..


So what relation this bares to The Art of Utopia. Contextual research examples may offer further direction;

I asked a pioneer or two the question – To ponder the themes of Displacement/ Dislocation…. What such things might mean to you in artistic terms? How you might have utilised energy artistically during and via distracted, even fragmented periods in your life…. ?

Responses –

Sneaky AKA Simon Houghton – Berlin:

‘Displacement and Dislocation have for a long time been somehow empowering notions to me. The unfamiliar energies and problem solving to exist in such environments are healthy to me. Obviously there are the matters of loneliness and misunderstanding that must be handled along the way’.

‘I play and write music from an inner space which is directly informed by all the external factors in my life. Conscious and Subconscious. This, I have only really started to accept with my heart quite recently. Ideas like openness, surrender and going with the flow are tools that I use to channel these feelings.
Music has become even more of a catharsis for me. My ‘sneaky’ album for instance has become this more than any other body of work I’ve made. A journey of self discovery and acceptance you might say…. At least an attempt at an honest chapter. And the awareness that this is an ongoing and adaptive process’.

Mike Mayhew UK.

Displacement/ Dislocation…. What such things might mean to you in artistic terms?
How you might have utilised energy artistically during and via distracted, even fragmented periods in your life…. ?

‘I think arriving from a disjointed – displacement / dislocation – I believe I have immersed myself in the immediacy of the art / life I make – securing something within the sites I find myself in / which is why I send you to something which is massively dislocated as performance – like I fucking loose it / because I could – / and the website is like a massive vault / a library of ideas – I mean I head off over to Australia on my tod – I am rootless – and find ideas in getting lost in order to be found’ . . .   Displacement/Replacement



In Through the Out Door, an alternative take;

To purposely go against the grain, the act of serendipity, to open up to chance regardless of consequence.

Experimentalist’s will promote this, as an ultimately positive process, given the appropriate mind set.

Regards eventualities, any accomplished artist will attest, accidental displacements and mistakes can be where true creativity and innovation emerges. Thus we may view such as miss- takes, as we re appropriate the essence of a word, the alternative meanings and contexts, and thus a truer stance within a world yet not of it, vitally so….


Cultivating The Art of Serendipity:


To Follow: Demystification of Displacement as Placement.


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Into Existence – input v’s output.


How do we truly bring a thing into existence…… /  Allowing it life, to be alive, to flourish to grow, allowing for infinity.

Cyclical or universal. Which would be our choosing.

Main stream pop culture radio, classical music, circumscription, expansion.. ?

What or how do we choose to spend time consuming. In what way are we consumed by products? In what way do we design our day to day and in what way is life designed for us?


To seriously consider, in the widest possible sense;

How do we love?
How do we desire to love?
What is our perception of love? What are we in love with, one person, many, objects, life/ living.. ?
What are our expectations of life, do we consider ourselves alive..
How do we truly evolve and what is our future?

Considering perfection, imperfection.

Getting our hands dirty, allowing our children to fall, allowing ourselves to fall. Championing mistakes as opportunity to modify approach and as wealth of future resource, opportunity to display good and just correction/ adaptation, ingenuity by necessary amendment, etc.

“Few first ventures work out. It is how a beginning entrepreneur deals with failure that sets that person apart. In fact, failure is one of the secrets to success, since some of the best ideas arise from the ashes of a shuttered business.”  Sir Richard Branson.


Contemplating the concept of daily news via tabloids or broadsheets. How might this consumption inform our sense of self and our contextual placement within a world…

Locating the I, how and where. Within the OTHER?


Love in its greatest sense, as an attitude. Spending time nurturing…


Craft is nurture and by its very processes teaches awareness of input versus output. Mindfulness. Honing the minds functioning  to practicality as NLP might to inner/ outer dialogue.  Ushering forth into existence sign posts toward an ability of life method, choice.

In its greatest sense, craft equaling integrity, enhancing individualism;
Responsibility regards love, learning, educating, sharing, growth, expansion, exploration, creativity, ingenuity..
Honour, respect, nobility, dedication, authenticity.


INTO EXISTENCE. Input v’s output

If we are practiced in bringing forth produce into existence then we are accustomed to the act of creativity, of being in the moment, mindful.

Such associated activities practiced to a higher degree can assist in greater personal autonomy. As with NLP, reprogramming our cognitive to practical functioning.
Possibly resulting, the extraordinary from the ordinary, greater fulfillment and a truer sense of self, whatever that entails…


Armchair ingenuity of seldom occurrence. PJBR 018.


Up next: Locating Place…

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312211920518 B Derivative







Marks Made


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Lead on from Responsibility Within Education…



The liberating yet equally binding nature of words of a necessary paradox. Their reality as shifting as the sands, as unthreatening as the deepest loneliest night, as wondrous as summer in winter. Fickle as the men that put them to paper.

Craft your own pen, craft it aside. Craft it well so as withstanding in wrath as writhing from rut. Setting course central to such uttering, steadfast.

‘’The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize’’.  Richard Monckton Milnes.

Happiness lies in a steady course… Crafting as meditation, mind-set, extending out through times of turbulence equalling virtue as skill. A skill learnt hard through the trials and tribulations of adhering towards high standards and integrity within craft.



What It Means Being Animal. GM 2017.

What it means being animal talk of this and that less feeling, being seen to speak with medals of wealth, failing to see.
Attempted embraces in holding attentions, caressing not others desires. Time the impress waste.

Reading all as blackened wall, not being tall not seen beyond becoming cut short, remaining open offering life to death at hand.

Second distance repeated pattern presenting that once presented before. Time precious becoming apparent above all, it doesn’t do to waste. Benefits of toil we fathom to fail, being creative sorts, indeed.

Whatever this is, this for, why?



Blogs still to come: Into Existence, input v’s output…

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Dancing with the Devil. Art & Morals…

A recent response to Institute of Art and Ideas debate ‘Dancing with the Devil’


‘‘Words are trains for moving past what really has no name” Paddy Macaloor.


Arts function can be similar, vitally so. To unlearn can be to have attained some level of intelligence and worldly knowledge.

Can art help us to learn, grow, unlearn, and be more ‘responsible’ to the worlds around and within us. Responsible possibly being the operative word over ‘moral’ ?

The journey of the art of transcendence (via holism) may begin within moral constraints, certainly as necessary psychologically contrasting pointer (context), yet transcendence itself bears no direct relation to construct. If art can offer portal thus, it can do well to do so via moral signposts no matter the content optimistic or pessimistic, which, incidentally, is arguably irrelevant as both are inextricably bound to one another, thus the same in essence.

Henceforth may we consider;

If any object within this world serves as a vehicle, was it ever worth the ride?

So long as we are looking for context within construct the answer will always be divided rather than a definite yes. If we are looking to the sublime however, our searching for answers must surely come to cease, as all is relative, purely ‘open’, as Hilary Lawson founder of IAI will tell you. ?

Why the general consensus to look towards some kind of actualised utopia within the limited framework of society, in the hope of redemption and spiritual freedom, when the very real essence of a utopia is no place that can be determined, is beyond comprehension. How long will we at large continue to miss Thomas Mores vital yet double veiled paradoxical concept of genius?

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Breaking The Rules. Play is the sincerest form of creativity..

Practice in context..

Humber Street Gallery 2017



A timely exhibition summer gone 2017 while I had been writing and working on the theme of play within art and life. Serendipity indeed, synchronicity even.

Refreshing to come across a somewhat utilitarian exhibition of quirky works with a message relevant to an overly dominant digital age.

An obvious outstanding exhibitor was the company States of Play with their Bafta winning game Lumino City made predominantly by hand… Venture into the links to find out if the game keeps you wired only to the confines of digital realms…..


Another certain forerunner was Luminaries by Glithero. A compelling interplay of real and illusory making the viewer look and think twice about the fractured reality before them…



What at first appeared real transpired to be a reflection of what one realised upon drawing nearer was an object hiding in a box below, tricking our senses over what we had previously believed..

An exemplary momentary glance at the fracture of perception omnipresent in our day to day dealings as we look, often without seeing.

Displacement as placement. Nowness.

Here – No where – Now Here.


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