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Meditations on Love

To consider, one single word, it’s significance in Love, in Design, in De-signing.. responsibility rɪˌspɒnsɪˈbɪlɪti/ noun noun: responsibility 1. the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. “women bear children … Continue reading

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New Utopia’s….

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Victor Frankle on Responsibility

Excerpt: Man’s Search for Meaning. Frankle, Victor : Rider Books ISBN: 184413239-0 Page 134. ‘Freedom, however, is not the last word. Freedom is only part of the story and half of the truth. Freedom is but the negative aspect of … Continue reading

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Reasons from experience cont…

I present you with the idea of a triangle, a three-way concept. Myself, The Other (person/ mirror), The Output (experience/ conversation, etc). What is my point? Let me try to explain; I take a life communicative experience between to parties … Continue reading

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Products of Experience, Products of Thought. The translation of navigations…

Brain storms to product forms.. Words taking form, symbols interpreted, experiences 3 dimentionalised. … etc  Brain storms and words re-traced into pattern forms.. etc…. words visualised in abstract form, onomatopoeia in a visual sense referring to the word itself..   … Continue reading

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Whom we belong to..“>

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Making Art..

Of every one else’s art/lessness, to include and encapsulate them, in my own. Life. Lived artfully, and artlessly.   Shifting focus, on egocentricity, spotlighting selfless production. All art should be negative: Adorno, Theodore. Following the link above one will … Continue reading

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MA Exhibition

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Phil has now left the building…

Upon my last blog post of this MA, yet NOT regarding the Art of Utopia, which is set to continue on indefinitely, I would just like to thank:   All of my inspirations, you know who you are!   Stay … Continue reading

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Final Exhibition Installation

Two days to deadline and the exhibition installation is proving successful so far, with only very minor teething and alterations thus. Namely in the mechanical department, ‘all’ services have now been made fully and ‘readily accessible’ for servicing intervals.

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