What’s in store?

Welcome to the GM Blog. Hereby sharing the journey made, navigating the conscious and subconscious realms of creative endeavour in the search for greater understanding of where we stand as human beings – artists and designers within contemporary creative communities.

Whereby interest lies in evaluating place within society as artists designers and makers, as individuals with a birth right unto the unique. Where we have come from, where we are now, and if at all possible to ascertain, where we may be headed.

Rooted within historical contexts of the art of shaping worlds, Super humanism,  The Arts and Crafts Movement and Art Nouveau to name but few. Modernism and The Industrial Revolution v’s spiritual authenticity being some of the areas of study forming the basis for theoretical and critical analysis.

Along this route of inquiry, related focal points include: Touchstones on western morals and beliefs past and present, the nature of what and why we create and motivations therein. How do creative ideas sit, for example, within contemporary psychologies and philosophy such as Neuro Linguistic Programming and Buddhism. What is the essential nature of our spiritual path. What of our being led astray in an all too materialistic egocentric society. Or indeed be that a vital and necessary trajectory.

Belief in the inspiring power of the original and unique, of nature ever changing, cannot be under estimated. May we be keen to highlight what constitutes authentic ideas and whether we are to date fully equipped to produce ongoing and plentiful ingenuity whilst tapping the essence to achieving personal even worldly triumphs.

In this sense and with conviction, continuing to study navigated territory between conscious and subconscious realms of the creative psyche, in specific relation to creative processes, whilst adding additional and renewed purpose and activity to the study by way of challenging perceptions therein, as essential, as life. An artistic venture now spanning years of previous practice, resulting art works and theories including alternative takes on Utopia, the ‘spectrum void’ theory, The New Utopic Dictionary, and hybrid concepts Artechre and De- Sign, all highlighted herein.

A practice and journey as designer maker, always having essentially begun from within. From imagination, with specific focus on the natural and spontaneous, as apposed to but not excluding the conscious, direct and contrived – ‘hunt gather and rehash from  external worlds’ methods employed by many makers, questionably never fully or consistently producing originality.

It is imperative we believe and invest in human potential, indiscriminately so. In tapping endless streams of innovation, direct from internal directories. Thus presenting query we aught encourage new artists learn of tapping internal sources thoroughly, certainly before seeking inspiration externally. In order to hone creative individuality and integrity.

My aims of study are to create original works of art that combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary applications, techniques that challenge modern western thinking and traditional western values whilst adding philosophical artistic twists.

 Mission Statement Aims, to name a few:

*The ongoing production of a body of works that challenges modern values and beliefs. How we categorize creative results by definition and non discrimination. What may be the essence of our human artistic perception. What constitutes art and design, what in essence these terms actually mean, inside and outside academic and commercial spheres.

*Sharing in education: Educate in the sharing of findings, demonstrating and delivering -related blogs, workshops and information.

*Continually seeking to further develop links with the public, relevant designers and organisations nationally and internationally. Please do get in touch, your views count.


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