Take Back Control

Recent designs for Michael Anthony Barnes Wynters, Take Back Control – Week 53 – The Lowry Manchester.

With influences originating as far back as 1970’s TV Party, including the likes of Penny Rimbaud (Crass) among many others, MABW curates and directs the TBC.TV concept for Lowry’s Week 53 Biennial Festival.


As collaborative, MABW and GM Design Build associated to formulate modular set designs with a DIY ethic, translating elements of the original mODPOD concept as incorporated.

With additional technical assistance and provision from Bill Foley Design, the Modular Labset Designs were concieved of.

P&P Pod1


Further Labset designs and overall specifications will be presented here in due course.


…Hope you enjoy the inspirational and informative links.

mODPOD feature: https://wordpress.com/post/generalmagnetic.wordpress.com/1657




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