Proving Place. Images & notes on Transformations Project.

At this stage the ongoing Transformations project has traversed the interactions of collaboration with 3D Artist Bill Foley – Hull UK.

With CAD expertise Bill has been assisting, both with my direction and his own ingenuity and imagination, towards transforming the original drawings. 2D to 3D.

Below is an over view gallery of our findings, examples of word derived design. Negative to positive.


  1. A selection of some of the last of the original lineage of drawing developments, before the Transformations Project was taken through to it’s digital progression.



2. A selection of the best initial results from digitisation and three dimensionalisation of 2D drawings.


3. Subsequent drawings from the back to the drawing board phase of continuous transference. From digital to hand drawn and back again.

Digital processing being limited to the subtle nuances enabled by the hand drawn process which allows for greater sophistication of line quality, accurate dictation of imagined metamorphosis. Under Foley’s influence, the digital being the unpredictable and somewhat more radical transformer, projecting form into uncharted and unexpected territory.


4. Results from entering digital processes once more. The designs beginning to take on forms far removed from the original wording of each piece, now indeterminable and partially irrelevant in contrast to the excitement in transformation and progression.

Wonder (and play) took over from the origin of meaning within each work. This meaning became history as new forms and meanings took shape. A certain catharsis in metamorphosis. A particular transcendence.

The energising derision from experimentation and play bringing about a passion for each moment unfolding. An extension and acknowledgement of a personal location. Nowness in place. Empowerment, as architects of personal universe…


5. Once again back to the drawing board to further transform and refine specific aspects of the digital transformations. Note image 2 is derived from a radical transforming of one of the early line drawings. As it is presented here, the desired raw format has been extracted and quickly re worked by hand to form the basis for further digital investigation.

This is the furthest advanced piece to date. How it will further transform should prove interesting testament to the potential within this conceptual project.

Images 1 & 3 highlight the process of removing select components of the digital and replacing them with hand drawn reworkings of said components. The interplay and contrast of line quality I found particularly pleasing, highlighting the subtle nuances and delicacy of the hand drawn. Highlighting fragments of the origins of the project.


These designs will continue on into a series of final screen prints in association with Hotbed Press Salford. Further designs and prints will be posted here as they unfold.



Ou Topos. No Where – Now Here. Summarising in prose:


What Is Place.

Throughout process predominant singularity,

Objects strewn, fallen by waysides.

Resemblances, shadows, remnants inhuman.


In addition, premonition, tangible coloration.

Form from ashen historic ties, severed.

Structure in constructing deconstruction.

Finding in loss.

Alliance gained in self in other and the trusting in nature..







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