Demystification of Displacement as Placement.

..Further notes on from Out of Existence.


‘Words are trains for moving past that which has no name’ Paddy McAloon.


..Useful bypasses to mindfulness. Stillness. The void.

Ou Topos.

The place where things can begin again, or begin outright.

…To be displaced by mere language and it’s limitations, why for. To be displaced ultimately by ourselves, as we crash on course to our delusional residence, a necessary negative. How so.

A catalyst. A purposeful playground promising pretense in positive sense, future tense.


After all, there is no doubt until there is doubt and naught but a problem only thinking making that so.



Notes on craft’s relation to these important facts of life:

Problem, as temporal reality, as vital necessary life affirmation. Beckoning resolve, innovation. De-sign.

With impetus comes momentum through trial and tribulation, more importantly, modification in modes of existence. What works for US, as individuals.

Displacement, as instigator, as teacher and locator.

As with process, within crafting.

*Discipline/ Focus.

*Agility of mind.



*Concentration/ Meditation.

*Play/ Invention.

*Movement/ momentum; Lubricant in universality. Especially true within 3D crafting, the challenges of material manipulation and conception, form and structure, prompting holistic focus, experimentation, a certain visual philosophy. Inevitably breaking chains yet creating additional neural connections and greater elasticity in critical thinking.


*Words; Akin to Artists materials. Enabling sculpture of form, texture, context, vital tonal reflection, bringing the object into or out of existence.


In relation to all of the above, what then of mistakes..

Having particular positive interest in the subject matters held within the notions of mistakes, curiosity lead me to engage in a talk on the subject. – Speaker not registered ( apologies ).

The message was very well presented however, and clear. The talks topic had caught my attention for particular reasons, as stated above, yet more so as it had been labelled in a way akin to my line of thinking, regards The New Utopic Dictionary I am slowly developing based upon word play, modification and binaries.

The title included a certain play on the word which I found simple, obvious, effective and essential, by way of the very necessity of the art of playing with language and words.

When words are merely a vehicle and a mode of some form (but not every form) of transformation/ transportation, then its ok, healthy even, to switch, alter or upgrade the car now and then, to suit our wishes.

What is it I am alluding to?…

Miss – Takes:

Effective right off the button? Read on…

The speaker immersed the audience in an engaging set of circumstances surrounding the idea as to whether there may be a gift within every mistake, to be found, sought after.

That if there was NO OBSTACLE then there was NO MOVEMENT which may equal a sense of navigation.

Miss Takes offer opportunity to Re Take, to modify with hindsight of experience. Growth. (Spiritual). Analysis, identification of self, of other and of environment.

Acceptance of negative aspects equaling an opening up of renewed energy and vitality.

Flexibility being key. The practice of building resilience, as life changes around and within us.

Analyzing so called negative material in such a way, being open to every problem having a direct connection to a positive, as it does, is a habit healthy in every measure, honing the essential life skill of critical thinking.

The analytical problem solving – solution seeking mentality of the Artist/ Designer equals a versatile flexible mind and an optimistic spirit – open and charged with energy and vitality. The power of such mindful states that can be learned throughout any action of critical or experimental thinking and processing can prove invaluable to life.

Be you Philosopher, Teacher, Artist or Mother. The range of basic creative skills are akin, no matter how they may be applied. This essential range of skills, some of which are noted above, contained within and at the very heart of what it means to be human, is the very basis of creativity and a key part of what it means to live.

Within artistic process, material experimentation can lead to a lack of discrimination from one medium to the next. A realisation chance encounters and positive results are to be found in any direction, if the director is at play and open to suggestion. Material processing skills can thus translate into a vast array of daily life routines be that in the conversation we make or the ways in which we walk.


Bringing ourselves closer to our own existence… Out through the in door.. Displacement as (linguistically programmed paradox ).


Further contextual examples within the Arts, Exhibitions sector:


Dr. Melanie Miller:

“We live in an uncertain world. The only certainty now seems to be uncertainty. Life is full of disruption on personal, political, local and global scales. Whilst the effects of disruption can be problematic, disruption can have a positive outcome: it can force change, it can lead to greater understanding as well as previously un-thought of opportunities.”  Link and further testament to a growing trend in art forms relating myriad themes of order in chaos.


Re defining place, as any place. A sense of nowness/ wonder and amazement. PLAY AND INVENTION, personal utopias.

A philosophy in taking the mind for a walk…

Philosophy as art, art as philosophy, one in the same, cognitive versatility, physical dexterity. Metaphysical flexibility.


Philosophy as therapy can serve to individualize one’s life, equally, art can serve to add tangible context with resultant fresh and alternative perspectives. Activating autonomy, assisting in honing personal unique identity, core values, meaning, spirit, etc.


Academia’s take, additional insights;


And for now, The Case for Movement, placement in displacement –

Waking as Art;



To follow:

Placement – Re-Imagining Reality & The Power of Craft.









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