Out of Existence: How to disappear successfully.

.. Contemplating, one particular future of the human spirit…. Place and displacement, in a nutshell. ?.

…Is displacement where it’s at and what is it exactly that we count as place?

Taking a brief look in…



Dictionary result for displacement

the action of moving something from its place or position.
“vertical displacement of the shoreline”
  • the removal of someone or something by someone or something else which takes their place.
    “males may be able to resist displacement by other males”
  • the enforced departure of people from their homes, typically because of war, persecution, or natural disaster.
    “the displacement of farmers by guerrilla activity”
  • the amount by which a thing is moved from a position.
    “a displacement of 6.8 metres along the San Andreas fault”


So what exactly is the selling point here, we might ask. Especially as, generally speaking, the often time association of this word is a negative, a subtraction of sorts, and a dis, rooted in a static sense of ownership.

A material, or, existential reference point. A numerical scale appertaining to the charting of literary and social constructs, perhaps.

What does it actually mean to dis placement and what use do we have in misrepresentation.

With a snap glimpse to possible takes may we consider;

The denial of possibility.

Dislocation, self automated distraction from creative and expansive opportunity, empowerment, mindfulness.

Considering binaries.


Continuing consideration, with the possibility of being anti placement, pro placement even. What might this entail and what might result, if we were to dis location….


A handful of Arts related example issues, pro’s and con’s with DIY ethic and absolute key points therein:



Further musings…. Be careful what you don’t wish for..


So what relation this bares to The Art of Utopia. Contextual research examples may offer further direction;

I asked a pioneer or two the question – To ponder the themes of Displacement/ Dislocation…. What such things might mean to you in artistic terms? How you might have utilised energy artistically during and via distracted, even fragmented periods in your life…. ?

Responses –

Sneaky AKA Simon Houghton – Berlin:

‘Displacement and Dislocation have for a long time been somehow empowering notions to me. The unfamiliar energies and problem solving to exist in such environments are healthy to me. Obviously there are the matters of loneliness and misunderstanding that must be handled along the way’.

‘I play and write music from an inner space which is directly informed by all the external factors in my life. Conscious and Subconscious. This, I have only really started to accept with my heart quite recently. Ideas like openness, surrender and going with the flow are tools that I use to channel these feelings.
Music has become even more of a catharsis for me. My ‘sneaky’ album for instance has become this more than any other body of work I’ve made. A journey of self discovery and acceptance you might say…. At least an attempt at an honest chapter. And the awareness that this is an ongoing and adaptive process’.


Mike Mayhew UK.

Displacement/ Dislocation…. What such things might mean to you in artistic terms?
How you might have utilised energy artistically during and via distracted, even fragmented periods in your life…. ?

‘I think arriving from a disjointed – displacement / dislocation – I believe I have immersed myself in the immediacy of the art / life I make – securing something within the sites I find myself in / which is why I send you to something which is massively dislocated as performance – like I fucking loose it / because I could – / and the website is like a massive vault / a library of ideas – I mean I head off over to Australia on my tod – I am rootless – and find ideas in getting lost in order to be found’ . . .

https://madeinart.weebly.com   Displacement/Replacement   http://www.food-library.co.uk



In Through the Out Door, an alternative take;

To purposely go against the grain, the act of serendipity, to open up to chance regardless of consequence.

Experimentalist’s will promote this, as an ultimately positive process, given the appropriate mind set.

Regards eventualities, any accomplished artist will attest, accidental displacements and mistakes can be where true creativity and innovation emerges. Thus we may view such as miss- takes, as we re appropriate the essence of a word, the alternative meanings and contexts, and thus a truer stance within a world yet not of it, vitally so….


Cultivating The Art of Serendipity:



To Follow: Demystification of Displacement as Placement.


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