Into Existence – input v’s output.


How do we truly bring a thing into existence…… /  Allowing it life, to be alive, to flourish to grow, allowing for infinity.

Cyclical or universal. Which would be our choosing.

Main stream pop culture radio, classical music, circumscription, expansion.. ?

What or how do we choose to spend time consuming. In what way are we consumed by products? In what way do we design our day to day and in what way is life designed for us?


To seriously consider, in the widest possible sense;

How do we love?
How do we desire to love?
What is our perception of love? What are we in love with, one person, many, objects, life/ living.. ?
What are our expectations of life, do we consider ourselves alive..
How do we truly evolve and what is our future?

Considering perfection, imperfection.

Getting our hands dirty, allowing our children to fall, allowing ourselves to fall. Championing mistakes as opportunity to modify approach and as wealth of future resource, opportunity to display good and just correction/ adaptation, ingenuity by necessary amendment, etc.

“Few first ventures work out. It is how a beginning entrepreneur deals with failure that sets that person apart. In fact, failure is one of the secrets to success, since some of the best ideas arise from the ashes of a shuttered business.”  Sir Richard Branson.


Contemplating the concept of daily news via tabloids or broadsheets. How might this consumption inform our sense of self and our contextual placement within a world…

Locating the I, how and where. Within the OTHER?


Love in its greatest sense, as an attitude. Spending time nurturing…


Craft is nurture and by its very processes teaches awareness of input versus output. Mindfulness. Honing the minds functioning  to practicality as NLP might to inner/ outer dialogue.  Ushering forth into existence sign posts toward an ability of life method, choice.

In its greatest sense, craft equaling integrity, enhancing individualism;
Responsibility regards love, learning, educating, sharing, growth, expansion, exploration, creativity, ingenuity..
Honour, respect, nobility, dedication, authenticity.


INTO EXISTENCE. Input v’s output

If we are practiced in bringing forth produce into existence then we are accustomed to the act of creativity, of being in the moment, mindful.

Such associated activities practiced to a higher degree can assist in greater personal autonomy. As with NLP, reprogramming our cognitive to practical functioning.
Possibly resulting, the extraordinary from the ordinary, greater fulfillment and a truer sense of self, whatever that entails…


Armchair ingenuity of seldom occurrence. PJBR 018.


Up next: Locating Place…

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