Lead on from Responsibility Within Education…



The liberating yet equally binding nature of words of a necessary paradox. Their reality as shifting as the sands, as unthreatening as the deepest loneliest night, as wondrous as summer in winter. Fickle as the men that put them to paper.

Craft your own pen, craft it aside. Craft it well so as withstanding in wrath as writhing from rut. Setting course central to such uttering, steadfast.

‘’The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize’’.  Richard Monckton Milnes.

Happiness lies in a steady course… Crafting as meditation, mind-set, extending out through times of turbulence equalling virtue as skill. A skill learnt hard through the trials and tribulations of adhering towards high standards and integrity within craft.



What It Means Being Animal. GM 2017.

What it means being animal talk of this and that less feeling, being seen to speak with medals of wealth, failing to see.
Attempted embraces in holding attentions, caressing not others desires. Time the impress waste.

Reading all as blackened wall, not being tall not seen beyond becoming cut short, remaining open offering life to death at hand.

Second distance repeated pattern presenting that once presented before. Time precious becoming apparent above all, it doesn’t do to waste. Benefits of toil we fathom to fail, being creative sorts, indeed.

Whatever this is, this for, why?



Blogs still to come: Into Existence, input v’s output…

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