Dancing with the Devil. Art & Morals…

A recent response to Institute of Art and Ideas debate ‘Dancing with the Devil’



‘‘Words are trains for moving past what really has no name” Paddy Macaloor.


Arts function can be similar, vitally so. To unlearn can be to have attained some level of intelligence and worldly knowledge.

Can art help us to learn, grow, unlearn, and be more ‘responsible’ to the worlds around and within us. Responsible possibly being the operative word over ‘moral’ ?

The journey of the art of transcendence (via holism) may begin within moral constraints, certainly as necessary psychologically contrasting pointer (context), yet transcendence itself bears no direct relation to construct. If art can offer portal thus, it can do well to do so via moral signposts no matter the content optimistic or pessimistic, which, incidentally, is arguably irrelevant as both are inextricably bound to one another, thus the same in essence.

Henceforth may we consider;

If any object within this world serves as a vehicle, was it ever worth the ride?

So long as we are looking for context within construct the answer will always be divided rather than a definite yes. If we are looking to the sublime however, our searching for answers must surely come to cease, as all is relative, purely ‘open’, as Hilary Lawson founder of IAI will tell you. ?

Why the general consensus to look towards some kind of actualised utopia within the limited framework of society, in the hope of redemption and spiritual freedom, when the very real essence of a utopia is no place that can be determined, is beyond comprehension. How long will we at large continue to miss Thomas Mores vital yet double veiled paradoxical concept of genius?

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