Breaking The Rules. Play is the sincerest form of creativity..

Practice in context..

Humber Street Gallery 2017



A timely exhibition summer gone 2017 while I had been writing and working on the theme of play within art and life. Serendipity indeed, synchronicity even.

Refreshing to come across a somewhat utilitarian exhibition of quirky works with a message relevant to an overly dominant digital age.

An obvious outstanding exhibitor was the company States of Play with their Bafta winning game Lumino City made predominantly by hand… Venture into the links to find out if the game keeps you wired only to the confines of digital realms…..


Another certain forerunner was Luminaries by Glithero. A compelling interplay of real and illusory making the viewer look and think twice about the fractured reality before them…



What at first appeared real transpired to be a reflection of what one realised upon drawing nearer was an object hiding in a box below, tricking our senses over what we had previously believed..

An exemplary momentary glance at the fracture of perception omnipresent in our day to day dealings as we look, often without seeing.

Displacement as placement. Nowness.

Here – No where – Now Here.


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