Mindfulness, Deconstruction, being the purest form of construction.

To follow, notes on Mindfulness with additional insight into recent designs…

Deconstruction, being the purest form of construction.


Mindfulness – Instinct – Objective.

Practice – Transcendence .

Transformation of negative words leading to release of negative emotional association. Arriving at pleasing surprise results. Leading to the self lead inquiry, deconstruction is the purest form of construction?

Relinquishing of care, in the fashion of serendipity, amounting to innovation.

Art as therapeutic process:

NLP – Positive focus, transforming the negative state via mindfulness, redirection of association. Once positive results ensue the process becomes addictive, joyous. Retraining the cognitive processes to be greater in flexibility, versatile, bent toward positive, pure intention. As with Zen, this artistic and also artless process bears relation in that it aims not only to break down negative cycles while externalising positive strands of the physically creative elements of the process, in this case drawing. Unlearning…….. Hence, deconstruction is the purest form of construction, as inquiry …….


Play is the sincerest form of creativity….. 


Within this creative process, soon distracted, forgetting about negative elements originally associated with conventional starting points a certain transcendence of habit forming conceptualisation can occur.

The Art of Serendipity, accidentally and also purposely finding beauty within, via exploration/ play. Embracing the negative, working with the act of transforming the specific object into a generalised process aimed towards love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding. Peaceful meditations combined with cathartic mark making, utilising the medium to exercise emotions and feelings, externalising. In direct relation to the pen – output, to inner states , one can actively steer into control, relinquish, abandon, play, explore in meditative process, focused in the moment. Mindfulness.

The power to understand, to believe, anything can happen under the pen, given the right climate, something extra ordinary… as one pushes forward motion, propulsion the key.


Transforming negative words, negative experiences, associating with positive focal points.. Bringing a thing into existence, a state, a stance of love, allowing for further love to infiltrate, to thus as result find oneself receptive to love.

Projecting negatives into the abstract and forward, into flourishing positives.

Allowing life, possibility. Enable over disable.

New Utopian Dictionary entry ( for future re edit ):

‘Disabled’ : Bodily/ Mental incapacity.. (Unique – Predjudice).

adjective: disabled
  1. (of a person) having a physical or mental condition that limits their movements, senses, or activities.
    “facilities for disabled people”
    synonyms: having a disability, wheelchair-using, paralysedMore
    antonyms: able-bodied
    • relating to or specifically designed for people with a physical or mental disability.
      “disabled access is available at all venues”



Enable / Disable.

Dis the otherwise able.

Society. Stigma.


Dis Empowerment.



One mans/womans trash, another’s treasure.

Mindfulness, opportunity.


Above de-signs: Continued study on negative derivative.

To follow: Responsibility within Education…..


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