Drawing from experience…

Visual excerpts from recent creative pursuits, pertaining to the recent links below, regards the general subject matter, unique experience.

Reasoning’s behind Reason’s from Experience.

The Art of Serendipity

Reasons from experience..


Transforming one’s own life experiences, translated via the meditative act of creation (via drawing/ design), a process became unto itself, unto what you see herein. The process became more than the sum of its parts…


It is a worthy consideration, given the literary foundation of these works, that willful intention, towards positive creative aims, mindfulness, coupled with sufficient manual and mental dexterity to ascertain appropriate sensitivity, between control and abandon, can enable the creative practitioner to bring into existence products wholly self satisfying, pleasing. Pleasing by means of a process, bearing tangible manifestations the likes the practitioner has not before seen. Life, realised.

I mean to explain the process of bringing into existence a certain fertile landscape, unique to the individual, their processes, where previously lay barren waste land alone. I mean to explain, the attempt of extracting the extra ordinary from the otherwise ordinary.

How is this achieved?

If such creative processes in designing or de-signing are broken down, via the mindful act of being precisely in each given moment, as it unfolds, akin to the wild animal, ensuring inch perfect its positioning leading to its prey, bearing this in mind is it suffice to say there can be no differentiating between each momentary act of living, as to whether we succeed, fail, or starve our selves of vitality necessary for survival, necessary to give unto life.

Given, we are simply dealing with merely a few sketches here, are we not?

Given, a split second carries not, in death.

What importance does the creative process hold within contemporary societies, what essential skills can be gained from the act of drawing alone. How can becoming familiar with the act of slowing up our response times into the momentary, benefit our health and serve to inform our future well-being.

What bearing do such concerns have on the art of love….


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1 Response to Drawing from experience…

  1. .. Can a drawing represent life, life represent a drawing, constitute the art of being, Utopia, Ou Topos.. Answers on a postcard, from a far off, distant island?


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