Reasoning’s behind Reason’s from Experience.

Is there a radical difference between art, life, creativity, thought, perception, conversation, design?

It is said, we are what we eat. Then so too, we are what we think. It would seem, it is seldom said however, that we are what we speak. Further more, it can be said, we become what we imagine ourselves to be.


So then WHY do such topics interest me? How do such matters relate within design? Why, do I spend time researching such matters. Well it’s a passion, in short. Arguably, a necessity within the realms of academia, with a use within contemporary social spheres.


In design, initially perceived negatives can be transformed into positives, that which is beautiful, etc.  EXAMPLE:

Design processes can highlight the possibility of neutralisation of emotional response and association. So then is it agreeable, such processes can also serve to highlight the ‘mere delusion’ of good, and bad?

Enhancing such realisations via design/ craft, one can utilise such therapeutic excersises and extend them out into social spheres and experiences. As William Morris championed, where care is taken over crafting, it is in turn possible for the craft practitioner to extend that sense of care out into the community, via product of self action.

It would seem, there may only be superficial differences between art, life, creativity, thought, perception, conversation and design. Yet I am currently querying, all are actually indistinguishable from one another?

In the Arts, it is said, that truth is beauty.

In Life is it true that death is generally not so?

In Conversation is it accurate to say that the truth can hurt?

In Perception can it be said, that this is down to our believing/ creating the belief, that it can?

In Designing (our own Thoughts) is it acceptable that we have a choice in such matters?

In Creativity, and Life itself, is it possible we can invent our way to certain immunity of negative impact?

Briefly highlighting all of the above, consider once again, there ‘is’ quite possibly, and ultimately, ‘no’ difference in art, life, creativity, thought, perception, conversation or design…









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