Reasons from experience cont…

I present you with the idea of a triangle, a three-way concept. Myself, The Other (person/ mirror), The Output (experience/ conversation, etc). What is my point? Let me try to explain;

I take a life communicative experience between to parties which is heading toward the negative (two people) (one conversation). I apply the very same care and attention to that conversation as I would any creative output or design. After all, its outcome, will always be of my making, but it’s the ‘how’ in the ‘make’ I am pinpointing here.

Let me now cut to the chase by way of visual example’s in design as I switch back over into visual life reference.

Below you will see visual references of ‘word extractions’ from such said conversations. I have made a point to utilize singular ‘negative words’, used by the ‘Other’, of which were creatively re-routed back to the ‘Other’ by myself, with kindness and discreetly suggestive inspiration to alternative, more positive forms of communication. A simple, yet skillful process of avoiding the finite, and allowing for the infinite. Merely a process of inquiry, rather than directing a single point of view monologue, thus creating a climate conducive to growth/ conversation. The same processes can be instigated where design is concerned… and it is very much about the ‘conversation’ between designer and medium that is of vital importance to the success of the outcomes. We either behold the flower and allow it to grow and re-seed, or we pick it from its place, and displace it in natural time, unto death.

Now to pinpointing the same triangle I mentioned earlier, however on this occasion the ‘Output’ of the triangle has been transformed into a visual format, in the hope this concept may become much more transparent, for the very essence of what it actually is. In simple terms, my aims here are to visually reference a certain psychological transactional analysis.

You are welcome to study the drawings below, and to understand therein lies a negative word, that could, have had negative impact, and never have reached the creative format you either see below you or are reading currently. Instead what you see before you, I surmise, is a neutralization of negativity, a transformation into the positive even. This of course is subjective, but as I say, you are welcome to contemplate this concept, and even apply it to your own life, (via fun little ‘diary type doodles’ for example) and you may see that where there is growth, there is no place for death.

Please bear in mind these are rapid prototype concepts presented as raw unprocessed images. The essence of the concept and the inscriptions is of importance here only, not the finish of the imagery.


I hope you may enjoy this process, and find it most useful and empowering as I do. I think, if we can visualise success, then we can achieve it.

Bear in mind, what might be the potential to come of these works?……….


Study each drawing, what do you see, feel?

DSC00402 DSC00401 DSC00400 DSC00399 DSC00398 DSC00395


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