Reasons from experience..

Bearing in mind previous posts based on the theme of products of experience and thought, we will now filter through back into life experiences…

For my last blog of 2015 let me try to demonstrate a particular muting of existence, via thought, via design.

How can one level their own experiences to neutral, middled, open. How can one take potentially harmful experiences and re orient them toward fruition.

Love, of course. Tact, compassion, patience, kindness, etc.. Design?

As with conversations, communications, we can, if we chose, filter in an open and loving playfulness whereby we allow ‘the other’ to mirror to better effect, the love we are expressing. Should we be impatient, blunt, harsh or cruel, chances are, communication may cease, at best, or at worst, digress into the barbaric and mindless. (Refer back to previous post regards the death of creativity via want and need for control, or indeed, deluded notions of perfection)

Detachment, and selflessness are key proponents in the success of fluidity of truth…

Moving over to the 016, we shall continue… HNY!



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Designer Maker / Technician 3D Design - Architecture
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