Products of Experience, Products of Thought. The translation of navigations…

Brain storms to product forms.. Words taking form, symbols interpreted, experiences 3 dimentionalised. … etc  Brain storms and words re-traced into pattern forms.. etc…. words visualised in abstract form, onomatopoeia in a visual sense referring to the word itself..


And what of the relevance of a tarot card. Where does this concept sit where crafting is concerned. Aught we know when, and when not to judge precise moments when we should or shouldn’t act while executing a work of art. Can we hone our craft within every day existence, and indeed, what is the difference?

Discipline is derived via practice. Practice can be actioned anywhere… Honing skills of mindfulness is the craftman’s art.


And what of mistakes. Judging ourselves harshly stifles the creative process. We must allow for failures with compassion and knowing therein lies perfection. ..


The greater the adversity of the material, the greater the gain of skill in mastery….



About generalmagnetic

Designer Maker / Technician 3D Design - Architecture
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