The Butterfly Effect Continued..

Precursor Butterfly Effect Text:

How is adversity, decay, destabilisation, suffering, chaos, trauma, illness relative to utopias?

If a butterfly flapping its wings in Oklahoma can cause a car crash in Kansas then equally so it can be argued, can cause enlightenment in a little back town within the Scilly Isles…

* Mirroring Transparency: The Other, allows for deep personal insights to manifest within the so called ‘self’ or in other words the vessel. The vessel allowing for containment of signs and symbols via the ‘other’. Cognition, the navigational chart by which we ‘map’ our route to understanding of human behaviours and thus deeper understanding of the ‘self’. Entry point by which we can decode sign from symbol, for behind each lies a root.

..Where lies life’s anchor points? Morals, Love, Friends Family, Consciousness, Craft?

Reaching toward stars..  How can we achieve the heights and full depths of all that we are, what’s more, how best do we ignite self awareness of such navigations.

Openly welcoming adversity, acknowledging fear yet not allowing it to bar progression, as we stretch toward ideals.

Possibly the key to reaching personal utopias is to identify the ideal is not an end destination. The ideal arguably is a mindset derived of ‘all component experiences’ we encounter on route. As example, we cannot reassure ourselves we have sensibility until life’s mirror offers clear view of a lack of sense. To know and to utilise both for their usefulness is our ideal. We are aware there is a silver lining to every cloud, but what does it take until we truly believe it. If schooling does not present us with such holistic mindsets, then crafting surely can. Aught we aim to master knowledge, and then unlearn it to enable purer realisations.

Let us consider… The relevance of moral disconnection to personal freedom. Surely such an idea would appear an affliction ultimately causing imprisonment of the self. Possibly it is a gift the ‘so called’ afflicted must bear to afflict. If so, then what could we learn from such an affliction, could it be neutralised for example.

Compass Points.

How can we measure ourselves, what defines us? That which we are seeking does not always appear as that which we are receiving, lest we delve deeper. We can learn, extreme experiences can obscure and even at times blind clear insight, long enough to enable entanglement. The greater and longer the entanglement, the greater potential of a prolonged derangement of the senses. Destabilisation, the useful catalyst to doubt.

So may we consider at this juncture:

There is no doubt, until there is doubt. Aught we best doubt our craft?

You may like to return to this link for a refresher on a previous Art of Utopia post.

At this point I would like to consider which emotions stifle the creative process. What hinders personal growth and what keeps us most from exploration.

Fear, certainly.

If we consider that everything is relative, then we can agree that everything is connected and within each experience gifted, a reason. For loss, grief, suffering, joy and exaltation. The more extreme the experience, the greater the doubt of our craft to points of deconstruction, the better the gain and the fruits born of it. . Realising this, via any given experience we can design our stance as open, compassionate, whereby we can view subject matter holistically. We can free ourselves from obstructions to creative expansion.

In doing this we utilise literary knowledge, yet ultimately negate it in challenging its absurdity and illusionary relevance to pure human experience, open and infinite. No Place, Ou Topos.

Life always provides that which we most need, especially whence we are least expecting it. In embracing such experiences we allow ourselves the potential to transform life into any artform and as such, view life as the artform.


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