An intense period of live research now begins to bear physical resemblance 

The Butterfly Effect.

How is adversity, decay, destabilisation, suffering, chaos, trauma, illness relative to utopias?

If a butterfly flapping its wings in Oklahoma can cause a car crash in Kansas then equally so it can be argued, can cause enlightenment in a little back town within the Scilly Isles…

* Mirroring Transparency: The Other, allows for deep personal insights to manifest within the so called ‘self’ or in other words the vessel. The vessel allowing for containment of signs and symbols via the ‘other’. Cognition, the navigational chart by which we can ‘map’ our route to understanding of human behaviours and thus deeper understanding of the ‘self’. Entry point by which we can decode sign from symbol, for behind each lies a root.

* Cause and Effect:

So it can be argued, that ‘any’ input from ‘The Other’, ‘any at all’ no matter the content, intention, delivery, that one can utilise such input as insightful, as experience for gain. This especially can be the case if the input is negative.

The greatest lessons which we learn best are often the hardest won.

Contemplating this quote one may realise negativity can be negated, raw energy neutralised and purified into spiritual sustenance. It is the ‘passage’ of this sequential experience where creativity comes into play, where design is prevalent. We can choose our desired outcome and resultantly our reality. Again, within this process one can seize ‘moments’ within the voids of our understanding, via cognition, to be ‘creative’ on more than one level. All manner of ‘products of thought’ can arise within such navigations rather than thought alone. It is our own interpretations, our unique realisations born of simply being aware of our internal processes that give rise to purer forms of art, innovation possibly, and certainly a greater sense of self, growth.

To remain central in the shifts between dystopias and utopias within our personal lives, to remain in the moment, neutral, middled, is to remain mindful and to allow access to the personal void where the craftsman can excel.  I reiterate, this is the very definition of The Art of Utopia and why I term my research as a navigation between conscious and subconscious creative endeavour. Additionally I put forward the argument the ‘perfect’ resides within the ‘imperfect’ that the imperfect IS perfect. That in fact Utopia (Translated – ‘No Place’) as I refer to it, is the void within (mindfulness). I am not referring to a ‘perfect never never land that can never fully exist’ but the perfect place within that is ‘yet to exist’, which can be arrived at, via negative energy (Dystopia) and otherwise via mindfulness, crafting even.

To come: Products of Experience, Products of Thought. The translation of navigations…


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