Making Art..

Of every one else’s art/lessness, to include and encapsulate them, in my own. Life. Lived artfully, and artlessly.


Shifting focus, on egocentricity, spotlighting selfless production.

All art should be negative: Adorno, Theodore.

Following the link above one will find. The general gist for the direction I will now divert the course of my ‘written research’ into Utopias – traversing Dystopias, and the void.

The abyss within, no place, the place we allow ourselves to place our selves, as connected, spiritually, to life and nature. A place I embraced recently, and as I looked, I took note to look very closely, without fear, yet with complete intrigue, to look deeply into my fullest capacity of self understanding.

I believe from this and any such endeavour, comes a gift. Call it what you will, mindfulness, the ‘present’, Wundertute…. The proof is in the pudding.

Please refer to my methodological statement should you require a refresher regards the relevance of this Ted Talk.



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Designer Maker / Technician 3D Design - Architecture
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