Peacock Premonition conclusionary research, part one.

The most striking and significant thing noted about the pair stumbled across, skull markings to the wings, hidden beneath the topmost wings.

From the beginning the sensing of a death, inevitable. The matter of time and the recognition, regards the type of death would surely manifest within the tale.

Distinct feelings the relation would bear directly upon someone I knew very well. The drowning man, punch drunk. Yet also suspicion it would relate to a significant other. Lessons to be learned via love for one another. Such lessons, we can surmise, are all that love intended, nothing more. Designs not intended to last long haul.

For the entirety of the research, and what it stood for, regardless of the warning signs, the sign of the butterfly could not be ignored. Part parcel the very essence of the art of utopia, art forms taken live situation, art becoming life, and love.

As we vow, as with regards the Prophets words, to walk unto love when love calls, do we bleed willingly as we are threshed naked to the bear bones of all that we are.



Dystopia informs the Utopic, evolution otherwise, is not possible. There is a way, and all is solved by walking, is it not?

Part Two: The ‘PATH’ A tale of the butterfly.

Respecting all life in Validating the research, we must consider:

A, The experience has been treated and viewed holistically.

B, No conclusions were drawn in any way other than theoretically and diagnostically regards clear evidence suggesting a reality. That that reality is worthy of further consideration for the safeguarding of the research matter and subjects.

C, The research practitioner remained impartial throughout the entire experience and research period. Thus validating the philosophy’s effectiveness and ultimately altruistic implications.

D, That the research practitioner’s aims are entirely altruistic in the wider sense of the word.

E, That the researcher understands the boundaries of such research regards humans rights and UK laws and abides by such laws to the best ability yet who equally challenges the laws of nature and of the research itself, in justification of the research, and in obliteration of it regards its otherwise absurdity in relation to its constructions in language.

F, such experiences and language are a teaching in unlearning. Esoteric.

G, That the research practitioner remains open to question and responsible for all literature written, at all times.

H, That the practitioner remains compassionate and in love with life at all times, regardless.

I, That the research is continuously continued to the benefit of itself, and all concerned, in the personal freedom, to be.

J, That a conclusion is drawn, however open ended, thus honouring the very ethic of the research, with testament to the human race, as ‘one’ consciousness, soul, heart, to be left at peace, and in love.

Part Three, The Butterfly Effect tbc..


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2 Responses to Peacock Premonition conclusionary research, part one.

  1. The Butterfly Effect. The Teaching…

    • Art, ‘and life’, aught remind of a lack. “To aid the non-identical, which in reality is repressed by reality’s compulsion to identity”. Aesthetic Theory. Adorno, T: London Continuum, 2004. …. I think therefore I am…. I think? TBC

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