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An intense period of live research now begins to bear physical resemblance 

The Butterfly Effect. How is adversity, decay, destabilisation, suffering, chaos, trauma, illness relative to utopias? If a butterfly flapping its wings in Oklahoma can cause a car crash in Kansas then equally so it can be argued, can cause enlightenment … Continue reading

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Whom we belong to..“>

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Self explanatory, literally.

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Making Art..

Of every one else’s art/lessness, to include and encapsulate them, in my own. Life. Lived artfully, and artlessly.   Shifting focus, on egocentricity, spotlighting selfless production. All art should be negative: Adorno, Theodore. Following the link above one will … Continue reading

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Peacock Premonition conclusionary research, part one.

The most striking and significant thing noted about the pair stumbled across, skull markings to the wings, hidden beneath the topmost wings. From the beginning the sensing of a death, inevitable. The matter of time and the recognition, regards the … Continue reading

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