Digital Technology, Pod Mechanics.

Within this blog we will look briefly into the mechanics behind the mODPOD’s sensory elements and the relevance of such technology in future maker industries and to the holistic evolution of the pod.

Mechanical rotating arm to pod box1 comprising sound installation: Arduino is an open source programmable processor. This is connected to a sound file playback system known as a Waveshield. This system is anchored in sequence via a rotating magnetic arm, around a circular sensor comprising eight reed switches, each of which individually closed off as the magnet engages through rotation.

Each reed switch has a different value resistor which is connected to an input on the Arduino. The Arduino is programmed to play a different sound for each resistance sound it senses. This system is flexible and can be augmented with other sensors or outputs for future pod flexibility and adaptability.

Numerical and lettering sequences for audience interactive decode: Comprising LED’s connecting an electronic dice powered by 9v battery and triggered into motion via a PIR sensor hidden within the pod structure.

Utilising on board micro computers, the pods ‘interactive’ multi sensory nature and facilities can evolve infinitely to being re-programmed at each transitional juncture of the pods evolution. Future ventures into micro digital technologies may well present an array of inspirations of relevant possibilities with the potential to lead the mODPOD concept to the fore of cutting edge installation art.



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