Red Success.. FACT

The evening achieved a good number of visitors and a great level of enthusiasm for the project.. Thank you to all who attended.

The test launch of mODPOD and associated visual art proved successful regardless of the minimal time to finally prepare my structure of theoretical delivery due to an important meeting with FACT Liverpool arising the following day.

Interestingly the adhoc way in which I chose to present theoretical works in relation to the evenings entertainment proved testament to the organic nature of the Art of Utopia Philosophy being both open ended and universal.

I instigated the evenings talk with a reflection from Theodore Adorno’s ‘The Critical Role of Art’ .. calling for viewpoints on the paragraph:

Theodore Adorno

The Critical Role of Art:

Between Utopia and Dystopia: Minima Moralia.

In the drama of conscious existence, it is not theory and

practice that encounter each other, but enigma and

transparency, phenomenon and insight.  If enlightenment

does occur, it does so no through the establishment of a

dictatorship of lucidity but as the dramatic self-

illumination of existence. – Peter Sloterdijk1

Sloterdijk, Peter, Thinker on the Stage: Nietzsche’s Materialism, trans. by Jamie

Owen Daniel (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1989).

This I found to be the most poignant quote relevant to my practice and to igniting relevant conversation, mostly based upon preconceptions. The quote sparked much querying yet mostly served to confuse and disorientate.

As a lead into further understanding of this quote I offered the Wabi Sabi quote:

wabi sabi. ‘Zen believes words are the fundamental obstacle to clear understanding. The monks seek    to reach their goal of enlightenment not through learning but by the unlearning of all preconceived notions of life and reality’. Preface: Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence, Juniper- Andrew. Tuttle Publishing.

This quote proved a powerful catalyst in relation to the previous conversation.

The audience were from here invited to view related visual artworks and to read associated texts:

This was an excellent start to the evening as I begin to allow for further realisations via the artworks and related texts while the audience began to fill in their own individual blanks via debate, one on one and collectively.

Debates ensued regarding the fragmented alternative realities anchored via the Hull related visual artworks as I added in comments about stigma and crafting from neutrality and innovation deriving from the personal point of view.

Feedback on these discussions have been gained via the SOS depository box which will be reported on.

MA Proposal Overview.

Modpod Mission Statement.

Art of Utopia Methodology and Materials Processes.

MA Critical Reflection.

Nextly the Pod was opened for viewing as debates continued and the evening began to evolve into what the audience described as an alternative art installation and event of entertainment, stimulation and intrigue. A puzzle was at hand as the audience fully began to interact with art, installation and theory simultaneously referring back and forth while adding into debate.

I have asked the audience to feed back over coming days in order to ascertain any potential shifts in perspective or additional latent lingering thoughts.

It was especially rewarding to witness people having fun at this event and genuinely intellectualising about their individual and collective experiences as they wondered in confusion and delight, all the while piecing the puzzle and adding very relevant feedback.

Excerpts from audience feedback:  ” An all encompassing creative Journey”, “An existential experience of functionality”, “I respond to the playful nature of the work” “An organic machine with it’s own thoughts”, “Confusing!”, “An extension of our minds”, “Thought, and the Human condition”, “The imagining of a future, with historical reference” “The recognised next to the curious”, “Dates and destinations, decay and design all informing each other”, “Fixed but dislocated, unknown spaces in between, places still to play and meander in and to dream for”, “complex but not alienating”, “Lovely and intriguing”, “No fixed abode”.

Thank you very much to all who attended and for your vital feedback it is greatly appreciated.

Consultation with FACT the following day shedding light on relevant practices:

5 IN One.. Mark Boulos, Steve Lambert…  All aligning to work for change in the social spheres and highlighting the relevance and importance of my practice within cutting edge contexts.!-(truefalse)/

Below: Installation process completed within 1.5 hrs and demonstrating the ease and DIY ethic of the Pod.atmospheric shots . to say the least courtesy of Stevie Wonder Photo0256 Photo0260 Photo0261 Photo0264 Photo0265 Photo0266DSC00290 DSC00291 DSC00292 DSC00293 DSC00294 DSC00295 DSC00296

DSC01784 DSC01785 DSC01787 DSC01788 DSC01790 DSC01791 DSC01792 DSC01793

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