Final Masters Exhibition Precis

All works within the exhibition:

My intention has always been to display every main piece of work produced during the MA as every piece relates ‘back and forth’ to the essence of the philosophy. The very idea is to display ‘the art of my devised utopian philosophy’ for purposes of critical reflection via the audience during viewing and final SOS Design Forum Debates.

The debates, scheduled before, during, and within the final exhibition itself focuses on all works in relation to the philosophy and modpod’s functions to ascertain degrees of success regards audience interaction and interpretation for analytical and future marketing purpose. This element of research also allows for democratic input into the future of The Art of Utopia philosophy and serves for greater audience interactivity within the exhibition transforming it into part social science.

In short the ethic of the research partly consists of an audience assessing ‘The Art of Utopia’ and reporting back, enabling my assessment for revisory purpose.

In essence, my final major project (mODPOD and associated works) amounts to ‘all of the previous works’ and visa versa.. further more the mODPOD is a cumulative showcase in how a concept can be born of a myriad of disciplines and how these can inter-relate without prejudice . All works are one, born of the same methodology and philosophy, as such, all works must be evaluated along side each other as they inform one another in context.

SOS3 Flyer

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  1. Thanks to all who attended making this a stimulating, thought provoking and fun evening. The pod and associate art works proving catalysts to change. Please do forward all feedback it is greatly appreciated and serves towards final MA analysis.


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