mODPOD Update

DSC01765 DSC01766 DSC01767 DSC01768




















Final details being applied to the CAD drawings as I now set foot about fabricating the real working sections of each side of the Pod… Assistance in MAYA tutoring curtesy of Bill Foley I could not have succeeded in mastering Maya to this level in this space of time without his collaboration.

Final specialist tweaks to the render will now be made by Bill to bring it to a finish. See also below shots from recent workshop practice on the Final pod structures, phase one to be complete for RED Gallery expo in July.

The method of construction for the pod is based on the DIY ethic of economy of means from simple craft, joinery and electronics techniques to salvaged and mostly sustainable materials.

Featuring below is a scale mock up of one basic wall section of a side elevation to the pod.. The up coming installations will consist of two of these sections and will both include interactive viewing box’s. The process is proving enjoyable in that I am aiming for prototype standards with a certain emphasis on artlessness in that I am allowing for slight imperfections. This will prove a final project where I am in no way striving for perfection in any way yet am more interested in an organic fluid result, subject to change as it is made. This project will form the final stage of my methodological analysis focusing  on the ‘middle ground’ in crafting for results harmonious for the maker and potentially for the pod’s audience, albeit as yet to be decided via democratic vote.

Upon reflection I am finding the building of the pod enjoyable, relatively relaxing given the looming deadline, fun and  interesting as I see the reality of the designs take form whilst also being subject to change as dictated by the processes themselves. Interestingly, knowing the outcome is not intended to be entirely perfect allows for relaxation enough to actually spend time perfecting imperfections, experimenting, re-arranging, letting the medium decide, doing the deciding. Great fun working order into randomness and visa versa. Very satisfying indeed to largely enjoy what could otherwise prove to be a pressured final major MA project. Results already proving of utopian nature to the maker, happy in his production, not fearful of mistake, knowledgable there can be no error regards The Art of Utopia Methodology.

DSC01755 DSC01756 DSC01752 DSC01753 DSC01754DSC01739 DSC01741 DSC01742 DSC01743 DSC01744 DSC01745 DSC01746 DSC01747 DSC01749 DSC01750 DSC01751

DSC01731 DSC01732 DSC01733 DSC01734 DSC01735 DSC01736 DSC01738DSC01724 DSC01725 DSC01726 DSC01727 DSC01728 DSC01729DSC01204 DSC01205 DSC01209 DSC01332Final Pod Builds Commence DSC01686

pod renders 8.6.13 untitled.295 untitled.296 untitled.297


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