Test Marketing/ Means Testing.. Beautiful, not so.. Why so?


I will continue from here on in to publish query’s on Linked In, Arts Professionals, and International Network for the Arts..

I have to date engaged in critical debate on arts subjects at length via these forums and believe they may well prove very useful in gauging response to my projects and theory to date. This discourse will begin to form the live research element of my critical analysis as I navigate toward an effective product.

PLEASE NOTE** This discussion link has since been removed by the host organisation. Two members decided to hijack the thread with an array of questionable responses to my research queries. In simple terms, it would appear the concept of moral values being linked to aesthetics was too abstract to contemplate or grasp. What concerned me in this scenario was the lack of willingness for debate, given it was an arts networking and exchange forum, yet what was offered, was condescending rude ignorance. More concerning that these were supposedly trained professional artists, more alarming – the host organisation took the post down upon my politely flagging disregard from other members… (Which the host site encourages one to do if offensive behaviour is witnessed).. ?




I have listed references here for further reading. You may choose for yourselves as to whether Morals have anything at all to do with Aesthetics…  ?  I still believe the answer affirmative.Perfect Imperfect. ?

Here is an image of the work I tested out in the forum.. I challenged responses to its perfect imperfect nature querying whether aesthetic judgements and responses to be personally and morally derived?

If we are not aware of the true value of our values then can Utopia ever be reached at all and can art and design ever fully break the ‘culture mould’ ? …


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  1. And what of real education?

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