mODPOD analysis for marketing and production.


Myriads of Defence.

A multi sensory educational experience, touring installation.

Ethic: Tools and methods for survival: sustainability, creativity, wellbeing, greater flexibility in perceptions. DIY making and thinking, empowerment- social cohesion and re-order, addressing social and moral issues. Unlearning.

Elements of the structure and themes will be conceived of via audience participation and workshop/ forum activity based on structured theoretical concepts regarding utopias, environmental and social issues and existentialist philosophy. Age range and demographic of participants will be as wide ranging as possible.

Materials used for mODPOD fabrication will be invented, found, re-claimed, derive of sustainable sources, engineered and up-cycled via group workshops sessions as well as solo research methods deriving from my masters study to date and ongoing. There will be strong emphasis on DIY ethic – hand crafting, alternative material sourcing and processing as well as integration of modern technology’s that are fast becoming widely accessible to the public via such establishments as FABLAB.

Aims will include social interactivity – study’s in evolutionary methods of ‘life lived artfully’ and artlessly, with care and attention to the finer details found within the mundane everyday and transformations into the extraordinary. Topics will include themes on control and relinquishing of control within life, language and creative methods with focus on crafting, neuro linguistic programming, nature and the environment and natural material processing.

Intentions are to involve games and activity for fun and inquisition within the conception of the pods and within the actual pods themselves.. ‘What feels right/ what feels wrong’ what looks right/ wrong.. visual and literary puzzle and guessing games etc.. Workshops could be set up based on altered states and perceptions- transformations of the every day mundane. There will be a focus on dystopias and making good of anything perceived bad thus neutralising the very notions of negativity as catalysts to the imaginary. Within my design development of mODPOD there has included themes of confusion, disorientation, shock, inquisition and guessing games that allow as catalysts for reassessments of perceptions and moral values.

Utopia is a destination and not an end result. It is a transformational journey in itself with no arrival and in this sense proves vital as a motivator as a means from a to b. Utopia is also otherwise known as ‘no place’ which I relate as unknowing, unlearning what we think we know, and re-learning a new essence of life via a blank space, the imagination.

One example of how I am aiming to achieve the facilitating of such concepts is through themes of deconstruction (dystopia) of the known and re-organisation into the unknown (new), invention via reassessment of the ordinary, having fun with life, jumbling things up and putting them back together again, experimenting and seeing what one finds..

The blank and neutral space I mention above will be promoted as accessible via crafting.. being in the moment, as meditation as existentialism. In this sense care (in crafting) will manifest as natural extension into the social spheres as ‘care of experiences’. As we take notice of our environments, connect with direct experiences, explore and create as we journey through our life’s then healthier life styles can be developed. In this sense mODPOD can be marketed as a health promoting venture and as such I will be aiming to target market ‘MIND’ regards their own promotion to healthy living ‘ 5 ways to healthy living’. Additionally I will be testing elements of my theory with community support groups and homes for the elderly etc..

The mODPOD theme equally can be marketed via general community groups, art therapy organisations, museums and galleries to name a few. As example, workshops could be set up to gain direct public response from museum collections and transform them into ‘personal interpretations’ via the pods interactive elements and ethic.

There will be a core emphasis on creativity being promoted as a way to live one’s life and not just as means to an end or a painted canvas for example. The emphasis will be on skill building for life transforming and empowering purposes.

That the pod forever changes will be an emphasis on impermanence and detachment relating to Buddhist theory. Emphasis on artlessness and relinquishing of control via studies in natural material processes, themes of perfectionism v imperfection, beauty and decay, morals etc.. Audiences will be invited to make their own minds up over what feels right or wrong, and even if a thing may seem wrong their will be equal opportunity to see that thing right as workshops aim to neutralise moral values via material processing, interactive making, creating, debate, games and so on.. There is an underlying concept here in that Utopia can not be static for it would become dystopian and therefore emphasis on the need for flexibility in promoting a healthy life.. crafting can serve to highlight such matters.

I will be approaching the street life Museum in Hull with my work based on re-interpretations of Hull to gain public information on preconceptions of Hull, feedback on core concepts in my work and to test the water regards housing the mODPOD within the museum for further testing and audience interaction.

Hull’s Freedom Festival may also prove a useful and very relevant platform in this respect and equally I will approach the organisers.

As I have mentioned previously in my research, my aim is to develop and fabricate 3 small functioning sections of the pod that demonstrate its functions. This work will include working drawings and 3D renderings of the entire structure as a marketing and informative display tool demonstrating the potential complete structure.

To summarise, my main aim is to facilitate the utilising of a ‘middle ground’ between Dystopia and Utopia via the act of crafting and creating, to promote healthy living via meditation and existentialism. This to me this is partially the core essence of the art of utopia.

A product bound for ‘no place’ regards definition other than it being an installation for educational purpose. As example, mODPOD could be referenced as an exhibition or architectural structure, sculptural object, performance art, story telling vehicle, work of visual art, invention, philosophy or social service of which the audience can decide for themselves.

This is the latest and very basic MAYA render of the mODPOD. At this point I have determined the very bare essentials required, being mainly a box structure and entry/ exit canopies. From this point I will now begin to add structure and detailing to this base design which will begin to communicate the complexities of structure, function and material finishes that are proposed.

base mOPOD 2.13

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