Statement of Intent: Curation & Exhibition:

Final Master Module 5: Statement of Intent:

Curation & Exhibition:

It is indented the modpod structure be an adaptable interchangeable demountable structure for touring installation and exhibition. Specific themes will be dictated via audience participatory workshops leading up to the exhibition launch and in this sense will work to a loose methodology based on utopias, dystopias, techniques for survival and alternate perspectives- life lived artfully and artlessly.

For the purposes of the pilot exhibition for modpod and associated works at HSAD I am currently devising script works for the interactive element of the installation whilst working in tandem with Spencer Marsden to produce the AV & Sound to the work. Subject matter for the installation is also being prepared from an array of sources ongoing to include SOS Debate Forum recordings, Interviews, Q&A’s and selections from the many practice based material experiments will now begin to take form and function as installation.

I have devised certain set ideas for the final exhibition installation structure, mostly of which will comprise multi sensory interactive viewing box’s as a process to be engaged with, in any order and to come to a close but not an ending via a prompted discussion & feedback session for research & response recording purposes.

This installation work will include three panel works to be wall mounted to 8×4′ exhibition panels and will require power/ manning/ source to the rear. I envisage I will require an enclosed solo space consisting of 10 panels in a c shape as this is intended to be an interactive gathering more like a show/event than a viewing exhibition. I will also possibly require the loan of a laptop and sound recording device.

The testing and recording of this event will serve as research towards marketing the installation concept to future venues. The existing exhibition panels made can be connectible and modular so that flexible structure expansion is possible as client/venue brief and budget dictate.

The exhibition curation ethic will adhere to the art of utopia methodology.

MOD5 modpod1151 MOD5 modpod2152


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