Statement of Intent: Materials Techniques & Processes:

Materials Techniques and Processes:


Intended materials will comprise of the many workshop experiments carried out to date and will include- cabinet making (hand crafting), field research including SOS Design Forum material (Sociology-theory imput/ AV/ Audio), an aray of paneling work from print, found object, acid etching, laser cutting, montage all combined in a 3 dimensional artful and artless context.


The foundations for these works are rooted in the theme of life lived artfully as well as artlessly and there is a core theme of utopias being located in dystopias, life from death the abandoned and found, re-cycled and re-invented. Core themes also include merging notions in preconceptions in the play between the perfect imperfect. Materials will be meticulously crafted and rooted in meditation and discipline, will also be spontaniously concopted via the finding of, feeling and experimenting with matter and indeed choosing matter which finds its maker. This will also include materials being allowed to take their own course of action and to highlight the integral theme of impermanence and abandonment of total control. In contrast materials and processes will include and embrace precision high tech technology such as 3d printers, Maya Software, Laser cutters, in further contrast with basic DIY ethics in crafting from the found/ invented object, photography, print, collage/ montage and wordplay.


It is intended there will be interplay between the raw and refined highlighting a friction and harmony in materials and matter of opposing natures. This is to include word, picture and sound play that will be born of field research and testing and explorative experimentation based on emediate environments, commonplace and not so commonplace things, people and places.


Electronic and digital elements are currently being worked upon in collaboration with Spencer Marsden and will culminate in an interactive (automata) audience experience involving AV-picture and Sound all based on live research and experiments carried out during Research and Development/ Practice in Context modules.

pattern works2



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