Final Masters Module: Statement of Intent

Happy New Year all and welcome back to The Art of Utopia 2013…

SOS Design Forum Debate Dec 012 proved very fruitful indeed with a great attendance and interactivity. The recording to this session will be posted soon for non attenders to get involved.

So what’s in store for the 013?..

Kicking off with the statement of intent for the final masters module5:

Physical End Product:

mODPOD and associated artworks:

A multi sensory interactive experience for installation. The modpod (myriads of defence) will be designed as a walk-in touring exhibition type structure. The theme for the pod will be fundamentally based on shifts in perception. How the theme takes form and shape will be dependant on workshop/ forum based activity based on such themes as discrimination, preconceptions, alternative perceptions, economy of means- sustainability- invention, death and rebirth, utopias and dystopias. The materials and methodology that make up the modpod will also be mainly determined via workshop participants and will include set themes: from found objects, up/ re-cycling, DIY – homemade- unusual materials. modpod will be site specific and it is intended the concept will be marketed to targets such as Imperial War Museum North, Manchester Art Gallery, Ferens Art Gallery, Community Organisations and will be piloted at Hull School of Art and Design. To achieve community interactivity within the pilot scheme I have been organising SOS Design Forums and showcases to gather vital audience impute.

As time will permit me to fabricating the full modpod structure, my intention is that I produce a full set of working drawings and designs with specifications to illustrate how the pod will work and look. As solution to tight timeframes I will fabricate working sections of the pod for interactive audience use as an installation for the final masters exhibition. This installation will serve as means testing for future installations and audience feedback from the show combine with marketing and product analysis.

There will be electronic and digital elements to the final installation also, this of which I have been working on in collaboration with Manchester based Artist/Engineer Spencer Marsden.

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