SOS The Price of Perfection Forum

Last post of module four:

Price of Perfection Forum at HSAD High St. Thur 20th Dec 7pm.

Open discusion on design for futures.

Some initial considerations to discuss:

What are our decisions foundered upon as designers? Culture? upward mobility- in pursuit of perfections…  ?

Adorno- Culture as barbarianism.. ?

Ideas for evolution based on truth? of what?

Utopian dictionary responses- feedback. General feedback on excerpts of my symposium literature.

Concrete Evidence art work- discussion ‘known’ territory and the unfamiliar.

Optimism in Pessimism.. Absurdism/ Nihilism- thoughts?

Why are our actions not futile? How can we make then fruitful? … Simply making life more bearable perhaps… ? What are we striving for and is it sensible or realistic?

Further notes to be added pre and post debate.



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Designer Maker / Technician 3D Design - Architecture
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