Concrete evidence

Analysis to recently completed work:
I am pleased with the results of this work for varying reasons.

I feel the work encompasses much of the Utopian ethic I am developing. This concept is the second issue based on cities and concerns of a journey ongoing, a creative process of getting to know a place for what it actually is, what it is made up of, from its micro components to its bolder features. My aim was organic in nature as I documented an alternative passage through Hull, recording data visually and theoretically from sketch books to photography and found historical literature. The basis of the concept is to reconstruct familiar territory into the abstract and artful. The process is of organic nature, allowing material to find me as much as I find it, regarding chance encounters that can seem to link to one another as inspiration grows, in this sense it is also artless. The work was constructed through intended and unintended means all mainly of economy. I have embraced new technologies in the work as I have utilised traditional DIY crafting techniques in the aim to strike balance and flexibility in practice. The work is at times unrefined and raw whilst clean and crisp balancing the imperfect with the perfect. There are also themes of subtraction and mystification to enforce a lack. The puzzle awaits to be discovered… How well do you think you know Hull?

I was invited to talk about the work with 3rd year Architecture students at HSAD. The theme of the talk being alternate perspectives and what informs the form an object might take on. This proved an interesting test platform for debate and caused much pause for thought on how theory and aesthetic might inform one another. The work is proving eye catching and enticing, seemingly drawing viewers into questioning what it is they are seeing and why…  This certainly was my intention and I look forward to gaining further feedback from the installation I have created for it at HSAD for test marketing.

My larger aims for this concept is to market it UK wide and promote each city specific work to city art galleries possibly involving the community in workshops to create their own unique interpretations of their home city via fun and simple means.

concrete evidence


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