In progress once more.. New art 2

I vowed I would not abandon this work as it did get sidelined.. at a point, I wasn’t sure this series of works would continue to prove relevant to my research aims and this one got stalled. To date I am sure these works prove relevant in every way as they are true to my entire methodology as it now reads.

The recent studying of my methodologies and reading through such texts as Wabi Sabi and the Power Of Making (Arts Council Publication) has solidly laid the foundation for my continued practice. Interestingly, my practice remains as it did when I began study at masters level. More interestingly, methodological elements of such practice remain true to my philosophy of 20+ years ago.. A philosophy which back then, was a more instinctual one.

Fact of the matter is, my aims are still very much the same as they have always been, they are simply better informed on one level, yet on another, it could be argued, the philosophy’s further refinement was only essentially required to serve as a mirror and so, in order to remember, one needs to forget.

Here is the work in progress and near to completion. It concerns over a city, is city based. The work reorganizes the familiar and re presents what we thought we knew about a place. The work is part of an experiential journey of getting to know a place, looking beyond stigma, finding fascination with the little details that actually serve to make up the place as it really is, having fun sewing such pieces together in a re-organized way that suggests other perspectives are possible. These works are so much fun and interactivity with ones environment and camera lens lends a certain meditation, being in the moment, exploring new potentials from old and seeing – delighting in what unfolds. Truly being in the moment, inventing one’s own reality of sorts, life very much lived artfully, like a child, like the child I was when 10 years old, like the child I remain today. Playful, inventive, happy in such freedoms of expression and interpretation.


About generalmagnetic

Designer Maker / Technician 3D Design - Architecture
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