Life lived artfully..

Whilst working the Country Living Show at Tatton Park this summer…

Being always on the look out and receptive to whenever inspiration may strike I came across this and was rather taken with its dilapidated charm. I knew I had to work with it at once and set about photographing it with pleasing results, in landscape format to capture the very many differing box’s, each one with it’s own unique character.

Finding the box’s brought to fruition a set of ideas I had been working on and I now have the foundations to an installation piece.. I will continue to work on this idea as a sideline idea as part of my ‘I found object/ object found me?’ concept of chance encounter. I think when one is constantly open to receiving inspiration, and continuously tuned into design frequencies, it can sometimes seem as though the kind of things you were looking for actually find you.. A magical and constantly entertaining journey of life lived artfully where things can effortlessly fall into place as you go along.. ‘The law of attraction’ I believe it is otherwise known as.

Lets watch this space for a multi sensory experience..



About generalmagnetic

Designer Maker / Technician 3D Design - Architecture
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