Crafting Continued

To summarize the process of renovating this £4 find..

Pleasing to say the least.

Easy to do and relatively quick.

Required no major equipment, in fact very basic equipment. Sash cramps, nitromorse, pva, cabinet scraper, sandpaper and a little know how and keen concentration.

The keen concentration is one thing I wish to emphasize.. I think this brought most of the good results as I delighted over this old object becoming a beautiful oak chair once again in front of my eyes, unfolding as I worked away the horrible old stain, revealing new life to the wood. This high level of concentration required, (so as one does not irreversibly damage the timber with the cabinet scraper) brought results of calming and focus. This sensation leads to a oneness with things as you find yourself ‘in the moment’.. a very fulfilling sensation of enjoyment, in essence, a meditation of sorts. It is this focus upon rejuvination and positivity I feel is of key importance here… Making good of bad is my point. When one learns this process in work, it can easily translate to life experience also.

In addition to this, other people passing by as I worked also took daily delight in the chair’s transformation. The conversations had, also proving inspirational and so a positive experience was being shared in this way.

Not bad for £4 I’d say. The final article will take on a unique twist of fait … Watch this space..


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Designer Maker / Technician 3D Design - Architecture
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