Morris on Utopia.. Theory, and greatly renewed realizations in crafting..

I have been reading over excerpts from William Morris’s News From Nowhere , views on a Utopian ideal that Morris certainly upheld in his life time. This philosophy combined work ethic/ Craft, and sociology.

In short, Morris spoke of ‘life lived artfully’ in that work and pleasure, in fact every aspect of daily life being linked in artful experience and experience artful. This has precisely been my focus from the start. The difference with my viewpoint is that as Life Lived Artfully, I maintain a more holistic focus in that I include that which is otherwise disregarded, as art, and life lived artfully. Simply as that which is broken (object or experience) presents me with far greater challenge in some form of rectification whether mental by way of perceptual overcoming or acceptance, or practical by way of renovation etc. Design!

This process I see as ultimately utopian in nature as it can serve to transform one’s experiential flexibility for the better and thus enhance associations in life.

To date, having re visited Morris’s text, as I edit my way through a mass of relevant literature from diverse sources, it proves one of the most relevant to stating my argument.

As I have maintained from the beginnings of my research the art of craftsmanship plays a huge role in the art of utopia. Simply put, where one takes care over ones craft, one will inevitably form habits of care within life lived- generally speaking. High attention to detail in life brings an awareness of consciousness and actions, of life itself, interconnected, and from this, mastery of how we act can be attained. The why’s and wherefore’s of how we act, equally can lead to awareness of choice…

This theory will continue to form the mainframe of my research throughout my second year of study at Masters level. Another key part of my theory will concern of Dystopia’s playing an essential role in the formation of better future’s/ choices etc. It is fundamental to human natures existence that death brings new life as day follows night. This has been a key element to my theory from the beginnings also, and research has substantiated my thorough understanding of this within context. I will be working closely with this theme of negativity, decay, death, lack, as way of a mirror, polar opposites, necessary and relative. My aim will be to utilize the dystopian theory within my practice, to enhance what will hopefully prove to be my unique approach to utopian practice in that it will encompass several facets I am as yet to identify with in any other practitioner I have sourced to date.

Utopia= No place. Emptiness. Open mind. Neither accept nor reject. Holistic awareness.

Dystopia= Death, the true source of life. The celebration of negative perceptions.

Sociology: Theory regarding shifts in perception to attain utopian outlook backed with psychology research

Craftsmanship: bringing all poles together as one. Art as life, life as art.

I will continue to evidence, edit and refine this text to ensure greater future clarity.

I would like to leave you at this point with a small sideline project I undertook in partial reference to the above, relating to craft, and to care- of the unwanted and otherwise useless, of which brought me great renewed insight of craft, and pleasure:

I will explain the significance of this experiential process next time… The found, decaying object, being one certain route toward utopia..


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