Pause for thought

I have just reconnected with James to see how his pursuit in defining Utopia’s is coming along?

At the same time I summarized my general findings to date, in brief: I think it true to my research to state:

I am finding Utopias are direct results of Dystopias, visa versa, and that the two cannot, should not be separated if there full, yet transitory potentials are to be realized ..

Nature could be given as a great example of this. My present focus is more oriented to the Dystopic, as underated yet not to be overlooked. In part, my product must speak of decay, negativity, all things deemed useless. . etc


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2 Responses to Pause for thought

  1. Allison Clarke says:

    Hi Phil, been reading your mail. Yes its important to look at dystopia as one can not be without the other .We put values on to things in the world we like this and dislike that,this is our personal ego at work, but in fact things coming in to being then decaying away is the way of the [world of action} and will proceed in its perfection no matter what we think of the process Its a personal view if we tend to like a fresh flower and dislike a rotting apple. If I look at all things with {nether accept or reject] I try to see whats really there to see and see that its perfect for its circumstances . I like the decaying buildings of your photos but I know that its my personallyty liking of the slightly sad romantic idea. This raises the question , I m I purely working on a personal level when I contemplate utopia ans dystopia?

    Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 10:20:46 +0000 To:

    • Hi Alison, thanks for your continued feedback. Indeed you raise some relevant points and I do agree. The personal response is what I am aiming to highlight in that we have choice within each response thus potentially a utopian outlook is possible regards neither accepting or rejecting.. Where we can remain in a meditative state of appreciation of all things as they are etc..

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