Further summary

Utopia: commonly perceived as: Perfect place/ World. This in itself is a wrong view regards Thomas Mores original concept: Utopia in fact referencing: ‘No Place’ regards the Greek translation of the name.

To cite one particular definition of the word Perfect:

‘Excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement’

Now with regard to Shakespear’s quote: ‘There are no problems, only thinking makes it so’

I conclude herein: Utopias can and do exist in so far as the meaning of the word perfect is purely subjective and what’s more, understood clearly, and from a neutral non judgemental position, could, within theoretical contexts, be argued as possible.

With reference certainly to my recent posting on Wikipedia and ‘Truth’ .. In a world where critical analysis no longer holds any real value due to continuously shifting values and beliefs in a world lacking grande narrative, then ‘practical or theoretical improvement’ bears no relevance what so ever. Non biased acceptance I believe is the key to Utopias, and it is this stance that I take to inform my product. So how can said product speak of this, while at the same time, not speak at all. .

Design development is sifting through this current challenge as I continue to edit and refine my production.


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