Life, Delusion, Light, Illusion

This was a most inspiring day. A serene moment in time where playful spontaneity lead to a chance encounter with total peace, and what’s more, one of the most exciting finds of my MA study to date. I love the way the light and shadows seemed to join me in my practice as I set about photographing, filming and generally becoming one with the play of the light and my practice in pursuit. Raglan Castle Wales, August 012. The film work will form part of my proposed installation work later this academic year. ..


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Designer Maker / Technician 3D Design - Architecture
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  1. There was a strong link with the theme of Beauty in Decay at Raglan.. ‘Decay is beauty in its sincerest form’… The feelings evoked by this wonderous Welsh castle proved this very point to me. The beauty in decay theme is continuing to be a strong driving force within my Utopia theory of which I aim to convey to my audience, with clarity, as time unfolds. It is important I gain feedback on third party experience upon interaction with these works so as to ascertain feelings evoked.

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