What use is Utopia

What use is Utopia?

‘Utopia, I walk towards two steps towards it, it takes three forward. I take one forward it takes three back…. and so what good is utopia? Its good for walking’.

‘We can never hope to reach it yet we need it as a focal point. It keeps us moving forward, yet never fully satisfied having reached an end’.

No place, the place of possibilities. Life not death, or acceptance of death.

‘If we can’t have the truth, then we need the dream’.

Mostly these are excerpts from Stephen Duncombes papers on ‘Dream Politic’ that includes ‘The Yes Men’ re my previous links including the Walker Art Centre lecture link.


They certainly provide relevant and pinpoint reference to the essence of the concept of utopia. Extracted essence that relates closely, if not identically to my own theory of utopia and its usefulness as a motivator, vehicle.

I am currently compiling a brain storm of utopia. extracting its vital components. From this I will simultaeneously work on my design philosophy and continue to modify my theories as I refine how the concept of utopia can inform design to better use.

I will endeavour to continue to work on my definitive(if not ever evolving) list of guidelines for ‘Good Design’ as previously where I added to Dieter Rams definitive list.


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