Beautiful Decay, Haunted by Angels…

Decay is beauty in its sincerest form..

Or to the like. This is a quote I chanced across. Which resonated immediately. This quote stayed with me for some time to the point I decided I aught reference it to my dismay I could not resource it.

Never the less, the point at hand lingers with me. I have always found a certain and powerful fascination with the beautifully dilapidated without never fully understanding why.

My search for the Art of utopia I believe, has indirectly lead me to what I believe is a fairly firm understanding of the attraction in decay.

As with Thomas Mores intentions within Utopia, the reader leads himself towards notions of perfected beauty via the direct relation of its very opposite. A certain yearning allows for this. Romance in reminiscing the like, the acknowledgment of ‘a lack’ leading one to romantic imagination. etc

This is certainly a theme I have previously written into my design development. I know recognize the significance of this concept and will be pursuing it. Reverse psychology of design… As I previously quoted, broken/ damaged goods, head corner stones dismissed etc.

This link may provide insight. The glorious underlying sense of immortality, of nature supreme, of our short and beautiful time in this strange and mystifying existence. . ?

See for yourself, what feelings, images, visions do these photo’s evoke. I would like to hear of your experiences.

Beautiful decay


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