Infected Imaginarium

“Through Utopia we are presented with a world wholly formed, like an architect’s model or a designer’s prototype. We experience a sense of radical alterity as we step inside of it and try it on for size. For the time of the tale’s telling, we live in Utopia, its landscape seeming familiar and its customs becoming normal. This re-orients our perspective. More provides us with a vision of another, better world–and then destabilizes it.

This destabilization is the key. More imagines an alternative to his sixteenth-century Europe, which he then reveals to be a work of imagination. (It is, after all, no-place.) But the reader has been infected; another option has been shown.40 They cannot safely return to the assurances of their own present as the naturalness of their world has been disrupted.”

Stephen Duncombes very clear translation of More’s work is proving more inspiring than my own. Thankfully, Duncombe it would appear, has given the book much consideration, more so than I have time for myself. A great insight into the genius of the book and very useful literature indeed.

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