Practice in Context

I have made contact with all the relevant points of reference.

This includes talks with Steve Lambert regards interviews. He has requested I read an article by Stephen Duncombe before any further talks ensue..  Intrigued!.


Also including feedback from James Wood fellow Utopistic Practitioner.. Further talks and general liaison to follow all being well time permitting etc..


Recent talks with artistic friends ignited inspirations for upcoming and alternative Utopian projects within the Magnetic field.. watch this space for ModPods as I talked and originally conceived of in my proposal stages. Including story lines (Generation X).. and interactive multi sensory viewing capsules and ‘The Point of no Existence’..


The Arken Museum are proving solid cohorts and hold a wealth of relevant information with potential for further collaborations of sorts. Contact with the author of the two Arken Utopia publications has been made. Q&A session hopefully to come


Further contact with the Utopian Studies Society in hand..  I am hoping to gain contact with theorists who may wish to assist my philosophical endeavours via interviews and general discourse.


GreySpace Gallery Leeds

Check!. Contact with James gallery owner, well received too. Liaison to follow in due course. Possible exhibition up coming.


CTM Festival Berlin.

Must make enquiry !

Must also make enquiry!


Utopias: Documents of Contemporary Art.  Richard Noble.

Possible links to authors/ contemporary practitioners here. Follow up asap!


Utopia Art Sydney.

Very interesting link here. contact has been made. Q&A’s to follow

‘fail again, fail better’. David Bell (University of Nottingham).

Q&A’s to follow. Contact has been made with David. Further enquiry into practice required.


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Designer Maker / Technician 3D Design - Architecture
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