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All derived from recent contact with Utopia Art Sydney. Revealing, some very interesting information about Aboriginal art, actual successful Utopian communities in Perth and also a rather excellent Lecture link from the Walker Art Centre. This lecture raises some very relevant topics. One point made: In todays society, there is no use being critical any more. Criticism has lost its meaning. Also, re the world of Wikipedia on ‘Truth’..  Truth, as represented by Wikipedia, is now a concept of transience.. no longer static, ever changing, being updated and revised. Truth, moreover, appertaining more so to the individuals perception, rather than say, religious teachings. Note, the title of this Lecture, is rightly labelled, ‘Utopia is No Place’..  And no place it appears is certainly on the agenda. Clear reference to recent blogs I have made decoding and stripping down the essence of what utopia actually is, and what not only it means to me, but also seemingly a core school of contemporary researchers.

I am pleased that not only do I feel my research and theory is making sense to me as I define my ethics, but also the very sense that I write of and work towards, is evidently current, globally. I appear to have tapped into a certain Zeitgeist…

Utopia Northern Territory outlines a utopian community, living, successfully, outside dictatorship, living from their art production.,_Northern_Territory

Utopia Lecture, The Art and Politics of Impossible Futures. Walker Centre

All links will provide vital Practice in Contexts research, both theoretical and report based.


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