Furniture Updates and Downtimes..

Below are some more examples of theory into practice. Generally how my ideas are unfolding whether directly or indirectly via research.

I am enjoying working with certain themes in my work, some existing from previous philosophy, some morphed into new guise, some new all together. Decay, and the notion of Utopia’s aiming toward a certain perfection. Suggestions decay is a form of perfection in nature. The natural forces of re-cycling! ?.. Ageing? Is this the same? Do we appreciate it as such or no?. Wabi Sabi and the Japanese Art of Impermanence.. the truth in beauty is change? Furniture, possessions must change? Not form attachments, we do not want our belongings to start owning us, do we?..

Light fading, water breaking down materials, nature, adding its own aesthetic..  Numerical systems, appearing random, giving rise to meaning, only to slip from our grasp as we realize, emptiness, abundance, greed, fractures from moments, distractions from being.

Utopian philosophies of old, Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’ as an example , concerned with fictional spaces and places in time, fantasy, of a system all together changed, deranged..? Ridiculous, never possible.

And so the thought goes, you smile and the world smiles back, the butterfly effect etc.. Is what concerns the philosophy to which I focus. There is nothing overly fantastical, nor absurd in wishing, via the interaction of better means, that human kind advances, simply.

So, how can sculptural furniture or even visual art facilitate this?… and is this realistic?

I certainly believe so. In small yet significant ways, this is achievable.

Change in cognitive behaviour is very possible, and can bring very real results. Quite simply, color alone can effect mood/ enhance performance..

So how can furniture alter cognition?.. Well, via in built, interactive games, puzzles, literature, quotes, symbolic and direct references/ materials, that challenge perception?. Via group activity’s, interactive- game playing, assembly, reading, sharing, discussing… All the sorts of pastimes that bring about growth and which shape our understanding of our environments, daily..

I have recently designed a concept, project furniture piece, promoting the organisation MIND’s promotion: 5 Ways to Wellbeing:

I aim that my next piece of furniture will facilitate a means to all 5!

1: Connect

2: Be active

3: Take notice

4: Keep learning

5: Give

Now, I believe prototype 1 facilitates involvement with each of these 5. However in prototype 2, I am going to aim to be more literal. A simple scheme, 5 Ways to Well being really kind of underpins, for me, The Art of Utopia…

I am now winding down prototype 1, finishing up to presentable standard and making analytical records as per blog/ theory involved, all in prep for presentation and hand in.

This has been fun indeed, not to mention enlightening.

Note, Braille will be introduced into this piece. Re etymology. Useless braille. Useless words, ultimately?. Hollow and lacking true substance. etc..


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2 Responses to Furniture Updates and Downtimes..

  1. Not sure whether “5 ways to Wellbeing” is attributable to NHS. I first came across it at Mind, the mental health charity, and understood it to be their own take on how to achieve/maintain Wellbeing.

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