Arken Museum Copenhagen

I have recently discovered the Arken. A museum with a real purpose to serve the community. They are currently running a three year exhibition entitled ‘Project Utopia’ and are certainly working towards common goals.. They have set up exhibitions to empower and involve, the very essence of my aims. Art to fully engage with.

They have invited three Artists in residence to work on the theme of Utopia..  I will be contacting them to see how things are going.



What happened to the utopia, the grand shared narrative of a better way? Does it still exist today? And if not, what has taken its place? Individual dreams of the good life, conceptions of globalisation, tiny enclaves of communities…?


These are some of the big issues being discussed, when ARKEN commences the project and series of exhibitions, UTOPIA, which over a period of three years sees three of the world’s foremost contemporary artists exploring the theme in the museum’s 150 metre long Art Axis.


The three artists or artist groups cannot be confirmed yet. Soon when we can release the names, UTOPIA on ARKEN’s website will grow with more information, blog entries etc.


More than a series of exhibitions
In parallel with the exhibitions in UTOPIA, ARKEN is also initiating a number of interactive activities, both mobilising the public, and including and involving the visitors in the museum. ARKEN is planning book publications, digital platforms, collaborations with other relevant institutions, etc. The ambition is to push a new museum practice, a new way of running a museum in which the art is utilised to stimulate a broad debate and raise awareness.


UTOPIA is a living process. Before, during and after each exhibition project we will transcend the walls of the museum and debate with you the issues of welfare society, tolerance, community and individual, dreams and ideals.

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