Mission Statement

To clarify, my main aim in seeking out the Art of Utopia is to try to alter common beliefs rather than the physical world itself.

The path to utopia thus being a journey from within. It is this very journey which interests me. How we walk out talk, what we do and think daily.

My focus is the journey, and not the end result. Along this journey, being open to all possibility. The possibility we already live in a perfect world even?

My practical work and test pieces are now taking shape, I have many conceptual ideas that resemble my theory.. I will be posting sketch works soon also..

Here are some of my core concepts regards theory into practice:

The art of utopia, to me, could be said to be a life style choice. The kind of products I am developing consist of the following attributes whether physical or theoretical and therefore possibly symbolic via aesthetic or materials used.

Bespoke, one off or limited edition. To ensure greater individuality.

Flat pack self assembly. To empower. For ease of manufacture thus lower costs.

To include, games and puzzles. For educational purposes for children and adults alike.

Sustainable, found, re-cycled and every day materials. With additional non obvious and unusual materials. To challenge perceptions. To encourage the ‘home made’. To be friendly not only to the earth, but also to the people that live on it.

Materials not commonly found in furniture, and certainly not sculptural furniture: Mirror, literature via laser cut panels, dish cloth, bitumen, pig skin, cheap melamine laminates, colored card, ginger bread, etc.

My sculptural furniture will come with care, and user instructions appertaining not just to the product and the varying ways in which it can be enjoyed by the whole family/ and or friends, but appertaining to the user also. Watch this space for tags..

Multi functioning, multi use, changeable and exchangeable, fun, educational, beautiful, ugly works of art that can also be solely enjoyed as that alone.

For me the art of utopia is inclusive, interactive, educational, colorful, pallid, empowering, informative, utilitarian, challenging, satisfying and enjoyable, though not necessarily for the reasons one may usually expect from a consumerist product.


About generalmagnetic

Designer Maker / Technician 3D Design - Architecture
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